Would it maybe feel good to you to ease up some emotional stuff that has been weighing you down, or has you worried or just sad?

I created four short videos for you to assist you in transmuting emotional energy, even if it has been stuck for a while, so you can create a bit of breathing space for yourself.

The method I am sharing with you allows you to transmute emotions, even huge ones, in just a few minutes. (I am not kidding and this is not a gimmick). This approach allows you to release the emotional energy whilst also gaining the transformation that emotions are here to bring us.

Here are the links for you (I recommend you watch them in sequence):

Good Things to Know about Emotions (#1)


The Natural Flow and Purpose of Emotions (#2)


The Art of Being with Your Emotions (#3)


A Super Fast Way of Transmuting Emotional Energy (#4)


As always, please let me know how this worked for you, and if you have any questions at all. I love hearing from you.