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Are You Still Looking for a Gift for Your Spiritual Friend?

Then you might really like the idea of giving someone the gift of finding out what their soul essence is, what their purpose in life is and what direction in life would create the most abundance and fulfillment for them. And part of that same gift is also to finally release those key blocks that have been keeping them from moving forward.

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Accessing the Akashic records allows me to share this information with your friend (or family member), which is really a profound and beautiful process.

Especially if your friend has been feeling stuck for a while, maybe has been working really hard at manifesting a particular outcome and just hasn’t been able to make it happen yet. This can really help them get unstuck.

Here is what some of my clients have experienced:

After hearing feedback from women I respected and trusted, I decided to set up an appointment with Rosine for my own personal Soul Reading. I honestly was a little skeptical but was moved to have this reading because of the overwhelming positive response from others. I have to admit, as Rosine worked with me on the reading, I sat in my office dumbfounded. Her intuitive and gifted approach was unbelievable. She shared things with me that only I would know. She has a gift which has helped open new doors in my life. I feel as though more things are starting to fall in place as I become more aligned with my soul and allow myself to live in my purpose. I have recommended Rosine to several of my friends who have had similar results. She is simply amazing.”

– Gila Kurtz, co-owner and founder of “Dog is Good”, Los Alamitos, CA

As a result of doing the Soul Reading with Rosine I feel great confidence. I now know that I am aligned with my soul’s blueprint, and I no longer hold back – I am letting my light shine fully. This has brought about a tremendous shift in my business and finances, and most of all, I enjoy feeling deeply fulfilled and fueled by my destiny.

Rosine has a unique gift to help you align with your divine gifts at soul level, so that you can live your purpose fully.

She is able to see what your soul is made of and what blocks are holding you back from shining your light fully and live your highest potential.”

– Nancy Allen, Director Women’s Business Development Council of Florida

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I wish you a very beautiful holiday season, and a very happy and prosperous New Year!