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Rosine grew up in Switzerland, on a small farm. She moved to New York City to attend Film School at New York University, followed by a Masters in Fine Art from State University of New York.

All her life she has been drawn to understanding the mystery of life, which has lead her to practice meditation for 30 years and study various healing methods and approaches.

In 2008, she lost her voice; her ability to speak was reduced to a whisper. Doctors predicted she would never be able to speak again. This experience taught her both about the invaluable gifts of speaking and deep listening, as well as to never give up. She was determined to find an alternative to what the doctors envisioned for her, and succeeded.

This healing quest led to meeting, studying, and learning from many great masters on a broad range of healing modalities and the subsequent training and certifications. Rosine reclaimed her voice, in more than one way.

Rosine draws on a wide range of knowledge, including the Completion Process, conceived and taught by Teal Swan, Soul Realignment b Andrea Adler, Innergetics by Dr. Hector Garcia, Matrix Energetics and Holo-Synchronous Energetic Technology Systems by Richard Bartlett, Herbalism, Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy, and she is also a Reiki Master. Rosine is constantly adding new (and ancient!) modalities to her practice.