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Whooooohoooooo, it is Friday the 13th. Are you scared?

I find that most people are scared of their own dreams.

Of what they have to look square in the face about themselves, and transcend, to manifest their dreams.

Yes, maybe, that is scary.

But you know what is way scarier? Living a life that is not yours. Living a life where you get to point fingers at the government, the husband, the mother or the “times”.

Sure, we live in a bit crazy times, no doubt about that.

But do you know what? If you were really focused on realizing your dreams, you would make these times way less crazy for others, and you yourself would not even have the time of day to notice that they are crazy.

Lately I am talking with a lot of people about their lives. And what it boils down to, each and every conversation, is: are you living your dream, do you know what your dream is, do you have the courage to believe in your dream, do you know how to take action, one at a time to make your dream a reality.

“Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.”

Doris Lessing

I don’t agree with the “meant to do” part of this quote, as I don’t think there is such a thing. I think that is setting the scene to abdicate responsibility for your own destiny. You always get to choose. Believing that there is a force outside of us, that governs what we are meant to do and not to do, makes the next step, which is blaming everything else for the quality of our life, a logical one.

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Would you like to rake up your courage and get on a very gentle, loving call with me? I will help you, step by step, articulate what it is you actually want to create in this life. I find it to be the most sacred of conversations.


Well, I also believe that God laid these dreams into our hearts, as a map. If we follow our dreams, then we also discover our true essence, our soul. Because you simply can’t manifest a real dream, without uncovering your soul. And as scary as that sounds to many, would you truly want to live any other way?

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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Eleanor Roosevelt