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When you zero into the simplicity of complexity a whole other world becomes possible.

(I did wake up this morning, at 5 am EST, and sat down to meditate, when the inspiration to write this newsletter along with the subject line arose. I wrote it this morning and am sending it to you this evening with the sweet aroma of synchronicity).

We often create, inadvertently, circumstances in our lives that we don’t want. The creation of them takes place, because we, at a subconscious level, are holding a vibration in our physical body that is akin to that which we create.

In a way, our current circumstances are a perfect map for us to decipher, which of our subconscious programing is ready to be released, as it is always visible in our circumstances.

Nothing about that is easy. It is not easy to identify what circumstance we don’t want (even if we don’t like it, it is just so icky having to name it), and it is way harder even to gauge what programs we are unconsciously holding, especially when they are the total opposite of what we say we want.

For that reason, we often add a layer of self-blame onto our difficult circumstances, as if it wasn’t already painful enough to be stuck in an unwanted situation. We blame ourselves for having created circumstances (again), that we don’t want. And that blame only gets us more stuck in the muck.

So, where are we going with this simplicity thing? Let’s break it down, step by step, because anything that you can broken down into individual components does become doable, manageable and most importantly, transformable.

A mentor once explained to me the real meaning of “complex” and what I needed to do to get out of it’s grip:

The word complex has it’s roots in the Latin language. “Com” represents “together” and “plex” is about “weaving/folding”. In other words, “complex” is about having woven together different components.

And what my mentor made me aware of, is that when things are woven together, we do not have access to change any one of them, nor the whole.

When I am faced with complexity, I set out to separate the parts so that I can change one part at a time. Once all the parts are transformed on their own, even so slightly, they no longer fit together in the original complexity. And right there, you have more wiggle room to feel better and to create something new.

I love being able to access the records of souls, (some refer to that as the Akashic records) and release and transform unconscious components of these complexities, that have been holding us back, or had us going in a hamster wheel.

As part of the Western culture, we have been led to believe, that if we analyze something long enough, it will go away. But sadly, I don’t think that actually works. Otherwise, all our problems that we have talked about forever, would all have evaporated by now. The mental engagement with analyzing something to death, often gives more vitality to an issue.

The important distinction is to not analyze but in separating out the individual parts, so they each can transform on their own, and possibly be put back together as a new whole.

The transforming part can take place in many ways of course. Sometimes simply taking an apparatus apart and naming the individual components, and being present with each of them, can lead to tremendous shifts in perception and thus experience. Sometimes, we must pull out major roots from our unconscious to let them transform. It all depends, and we never know in advance, what might be required to bring about the desired change.

To return to the simplicity, here is the other part of it: once we know what we don’t want, we do actually have to name what we do want. And although that sounds simple, it keeps amazing me to see how this is the biggest struggle for many of us. We squirm, we avoid, and we like to go back to naming all the uncomfortable aspects of what we don’t want. Simply, because we know what we don’t want, really well.

But creating something brand new, with our words, out of nothing, often feels very daunting. Sometimes it seems nearly impossible to reach for the words or feelings that we would attribute to a desirable experience or circumstance. Probably, because somewhere along the way, life did get really painful, and we concluded we cannot ever have what we truly long for.

Maybe next time you do the dishes, walk the dog, feed the cat, drive to work or when you take a shower – maybe you can blurt out some words, describing what you would really like to experience. Regardless of your own perceived probability of it ever coming to pass. That is a great start! Maybe even writing some of it down, is very powerful.

If there are circumstances in your life, that you are tired of, and you haven’t been able to bring about the change you want even though you have been working very hard at it, feel free to book a complimentary call with me by clicking here, so we can dive into it and figure out what is going on and how to get you onto that new trajectory.

Remember, WE are the powerful creators of our own destiny, no one else. And although it can be really hard at times, there is a science to this madness; there is a proven way by which you can adjust the trajectory of the ocean liner called your life, such that you are heading in the direction you actually want to be heading in.