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I hope this finds you well and that you have plans to spend Thanksgiving in a way that brings you joy.

I didn’t grow up in the USA, and so Thanksgiving wasn’t a holiday I was familiar with, and no one told me.

The day before my first Thanksgiving, my neighbors dropped by and kindly inquired as to what I will be doing “tomorrow”, meaning on Thanksgiving.

I said that I was going to catch up on schoolwork, as I was behind, and a day off seemed like a perfect opportunity to do so.

They looked a bit concerned, and then proceeded to ask: “but what will you eat?”. Now I started to get a bit concerned about their questions, and simply said: “well, I don’t know, probably take-out from the Chinese, as usual”.

Now they really went pale in their faces.

I had NO idea why, until years later. My neighbors never told me that Thanksgiving was the biggest holiday, and that being with friends and family, and eating tons of food together was a really big deal. I had no idea.

I did go to the Chinese take-out (just so you don’t wonder what happened), on my bicycle no less, and was astounded that there was absolutely no one on the streets. It was a perfect day to ride a bicycle in New York City, probably the only time of year.

And I got lots of homework done. And since I didn’t know what I was missing out on, it didn’t matter to me.

Over the years I got to love the Thanksgiving holiday, and have celebrated it in many ways, in many different settings.

What I find difficult to wrap my mind around though, is Black Friday. What a name!? I think I can confidently say that I don’t think I will ever be a fan of that part of the holiday, not to call it a holiday. I honestly find it quite disturbing.

But……And……how about we have a Pink Friday this year?

I will be reading the Rose Oracle Cards all day on Pink-Friday (November 25), at a discounted offer of $25 for 30 minute-reading. That is 60% off ladies and gentlemen!!!

The Rose Oracle is the most loving, supportive, and nurturing way of receiving guidance or confirmation of what your soul is longing to communicate to you. Decisions that nag you to be made, relationships that long to be navigated into calmer waters, inspirations that yearn to be planted as new seeds in the fertile soil of your consciousness.

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If there is anything on your mind that you would like to understand better, get closure of or gain new hope, the Rose Oracle may just be that gentle whisper you yearn to hear.

You never know, maybe certain family dynamics may rise to the surface on Thanksgiving that you’d like to understand better?

Maybe you are needing to make an important decision?

Maybe you feel a bit lost or uncertain?

I’d love to spend a little bit of time with you on Pink Friday and get to know you and share the loving messages of Mother Rose with you.

Schedule My Rose Reading

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Wishing you an easeful time getting ready for the holiday, and a beautiful Thanksgiving!

May there always be an abundance of love, peace, good company,

wholesome food and all that is good for you in your life.