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We had a very powerful experience yesterday in a small gathering of women.

The purpose of the gathering (on zoom) was to bring conscious closure to an ending that either is taking place or did take place sometime in the past; an ending that has not been properly honored and acknowledged yet.

What we each experienced was that there is an incredible amount of energy available to us when we bring closure to un-honored endings. And that when we do go back and honor endings, even if they took place decades ago, we re-stablish the FLOW of life force through our lives.

Ideally, our life force flows from an acknowledged ending into the void, and from there into a new creation. And when the ending is not acknowledged, most of that life force stays stuck in the ending (without us knowing), and thus a part of us too stays stuck there as well.

It is as if our life force gets thwarted in the un-tidy endings.

There are many different types of endings.

An ending could be consciously chosen, such as a divorce, moving to another state, changing careers, or choosing to drop an identification with a part of ourselves.

Or it could be an ending without consent; a friend that might have shut us out without any explanation or closure, a pandemic that might have forced us to change how we make a living, or a loved one that passed away, or a lover who broke up with us.

An incredible thing happened, which was that everyone felt energy inside their bodies settling. It takes a good bit of courage to honor an ending, because after an ending, naturally, comes the void. And we live in a culture that does everything to a-void the void.

We are primed to fill the spaces, that lie in-between, up with all kinds of activities and addictions. When we don’t tie up the loose ends, known and unknown, a part of us stays stuck in that place in time.

Yet, it is only in the void where the potency of life lies. It is in the hanging out in the space of not knowing where things unfold and renew themselves.

I realized that I had moved so many times, done so many things, learned and experienced so much in life, and hardly have I consciously brought each phase to an honoring end. I am now deeply inspired to take care of all these endings in a loving and caring way, and then watch how that latent life force will want to emerge from the void.

Feel free to reach out if you feel like you want to bring closure to some chapters or events in your life, and free up energy to invest into your future.