All in all, the relationships between women and men have been rather strained for the last few thousand years, to put it mildly. To change that in our own day to day reality, we have to reach deep, into unknown territory, to make changes.

I have a map for you. A map that allows you to re-ingeneer the underlying relationship patterns, that most people are not aware of, such that you can easfully create harmony, collaboration, belonging and true love in your relationships.

It is time for a paradigm shift. It is time for all of us to make new dynamics that allow for deep connection, love and respect the norm. It is time to leave the old behind.

We all deserve better then what is the current status quo between the sexes.

I am here to assist you, to create nurishing and uplifting intimate relationships. To transform the dynamics of your existing relationship or if you are single, to prepare the ground for a fruitful partnerships – the kind that is precious and life giving.