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What if you were able to traverse the terrain of relationship with flying colors, and partner up with an other human being in outmost trust, loyalty, and unconditional love? What if you were able to transcend all the downward pulling emotions, the struggles and pitfalls you might have fallen into in the past?

What if you were able to truly heal and integrate everything that gets in the way of being in harmonious, loving relationship with others? What if receiving and giving unconditional love became easy? What would that feel like?

How freeing would that be? What if?

Much has happened for all of us in the last few months. How are you doing?

Maybe you remember, that early on in the lockdown, I started offering support to women who were looking for their beloved. I am so glad I did – for more reasons then one. One of them is, that they all gained much from our time together. This is what they shared:

  • They increased their self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • They learned practical skills to attract the right man.
  • They learned how to make dating enjoyable and safe.
  • They healed and created deeper relationships with family members, old and new friends.
  • They felt deeply supported and loved during these challenging times.
  • They felt uplifted, hopeful and loved after each call.
  • They feel hopeful and confident about finding their beloved.

Maybe we have become to believe that we don’t really need relationships – and maybe the pandemic, the lock downs gave us a different feeling about that. Maybe we do need to be in good, healthy, happy relationships? What do you feel about that?

Ironically, it turns out that the pros on dating during a pandemic actually outnumber the cons – I’d be happy to speak with you about that if you find that curious. It is indeed true; especially for women, it really works in their favor.

If you think that maybe this topsy-turvy time might possibly be the right time for you to find your beloved, please send me a note. I’d be happy to give you a leg up.