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How are you doing? How are you weathering the winds of change.

Where I live, the leaves are turning into beautiful orange and red beauties and the bears are gobbling up alls they can find to soon go into hibernation. The hens are molting (which is the equivalent of shedding) and are looking a bit disheveled.

In my inner world, I am connecting more and more with nature, and her mysteries. I have always lived close to nature, and derived much solace and strength from her, but now it is growing into a whole new significance.

There is so much about nature that I find fascinating.

One of them is, that our bodies relax almost instantaneously when we take a moment to truly connect with nature. Maybe, because our bodies is made up of nature? And it literally feels like the nervous system is coming home to itself when it connects with mother nature?

Another aspect of nature, that is endlessly fascinating to me, is that it seems to be so animated and wise. And when we tap into that wisdom, it generously gives of itself.

Throughout this summer (of 2022), I have lead a few clients in solo-immersions into the nature kingdom; some in person, some via zoom (believe it or not, but we found out that works just great!).

Each one of them had a life transforming experience, as if they came home to themselves in a very big, unforgettable way. Each one had a major transformation in a different area of life.

One was able to activate the healing of her body that had been in pain for decades. One tapped into a place of abundance and is now well on her way of creating financial abundance for herself and those around her. Another one had a revelation of what had been dictating her to please others at the expense of her own true self-expression. And so on. It has been a very touching experience.

Everyone has their own, and very ancient connection with mother earth, and even the cosmos at large. And when that is consciously topped into, deep wisdom, resilience and resources are being released from the soul.

I do believe that aligning ourselves with nature, mother earth and the stars in a very deep, conscious way, gives us the steadiness to navigate that which we do not know, that which is ahead of us.