I wonder if there is already existing terminology for a physiological phenomenon I experience when communicating with someone deeply. 

When I am in a conversation where I truly hear and understand the person (to the best of my ability) and I feel heard and understood, validated and acknowledged, it feels so good in my body. 

There is a true alchemy that takes place, that I do not feel when communicating via messages or voice notes; I just don’t. 

I literally experience a biochemical response in my cells as an instantaneous response to full-filling communication. 

Our many means of communicating via SM are awesome, and fantastic and I am very grateful for them. And, they also can lead to us not having that biochemical reaction when communicating about important things. I often wonder what that does to our bonds, individually and also collectively. 

In particular when the experiences and or view points are very different from each other, that biochemical reaction of truly being understood and heard is so healing. We can feel our innate connectedness, while also holding the space for vast differences. 

It is as if the words from one person settle into the being of the other person. And something new comes about. 

Do you feel that as well? What happens in your body mind and soul when you communicate deeply?

I feel the world, the communities, our friendships and partnerships are in dire need of that phenomenon. 

So much blocking, cancelling, shutting out and or up is happening. Also within ourselves. We judge, know better, are afraid, condemn. If it doesn’t fit one’s own story line, it is out. What if we grew so large in size, that we could hold everyone’s view point? Without having a fit? What if everyone’s view point had validity, especially given where they have been and what they have lived through. 

What if no one was wrong?