Soul Stories: Ruth’s ‘golden glowing wonderfulness’

“I have always had dreams and plans dear to my heart, but for years I felt stuck and in a constant battle with procrastination, with myself and the world. Always trying and never getting very far. I was often exhausted (and didn’t know why exactly), there was a big WHY and HOW in my head on repeat that kept me running in circles and fighting for even the tiniest steps of progress. Since working with Rosine my life has turned from grey struggle into golden glowing wonderfulness.

After several months of deep diving through old patterns, emotional trauma and everyday limiting beliefs, I feel in the flow more and more. Before, I sometimes journaled pages and pages until I hit an insight that might have changed something for the better (often it didn’t stick though). Now I still love journaling, but nowadays it takes a few sentences and a few deep breaths and it’s resolved and settled. I don’t have to try to figure out all the things that make no sense in this world anyway as I have found genuine self-compassion and expanded the capacity to focus my energy where I truly CAN make a difference.

For the past three years I thought that I knew what I needed to do to make my dreams happen (if only I could make myself DO it!). With the Soul Reading (and then with each session) I gained more and more clarity about what is truly aligned for me, what works and what doesn’t and how to integrate my very own ways of living and being into my life. So now things feel manageable, and graceful. I have healed a lot of stress with my body, ended the destructive self-talk and learned to invest in the things that get the results I am hoping for – in a way that feels honoring to who I am.

This work with Rosine truly is real life work, it doesn’t end when the session is over, quite the opposite – the sessions are ground-work, the big shifts, and then things start moving and enfolding in everyday life in profound ways, too. And no matter what Rosine supports me through specifically – a wound from childhood, a relationship thing, a narrow belief around work, … – it always has had a spillover effect into other life areas. 

Most recently I am also noticing incredible shifts and breakthroughs in my relationship to money. I don’t panic anymore, I don’t have to go from frantically counting the numbers to ignoring them and back again – instead I have found heartfelt respect for the money in my life and genuine trust that even the finances are going to work out beautifully. With all this freed-up energy I am making substantial progress on current projects and am getting magical requests for new ones (without even actively marketing my offers!).  Of course, this deep soul work is often challenging and we have looked at and worked through more than a few things I would have rather kept hidden and never have to look at again. But Rosine holds space with such fierce love and gentleness that it is always safe and often even easy and surprisingly fun to go there. For me there hasn’t been one session yet that didn’t end with me sighing with relief and awe at what felt like having shed lifetimes of stuff, leaving me with a beautiful sense of possibility, clarity, aliveness and the energy to make things happen and create now.” – Ruth Jahn, Vienna