When we are moved to take actions lead by inspiration, that comes from a strong sense of connection within and without, things have a way of falling into place easefully. Outcomes are generally much more desirable and the effects all around are positive, sometimes downright magical.

And most of the time, we get way more done when we take the time to tune in, then when we frantically go about getting things done. Paradoxical, but so true.

Taking a moment each day to connect within, and really listen to what is true, fresh and relevant for that day, makes all the difference.

Maybe you can take a minute right now – before moving onto the next – to take a few breaths, and allow yourself to just be. And then quietly ask your inner wisdom, how to go about the next task, or even which task to do next? What approach to take in a conversation?

You are endowed with so much wisdom, just take a moment to listen. And give yourself the benefit of actually acting on it – otherwise, you will never know just how powerful and useful your inner guidance is.

Power up your Intuition and make it work for you.