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If I may simplify matters tremendously, for just a moment, I’d say that the majority, mmmmmhhhhh maybe 99% of our pain, stems from some kind of disconnect. A disconnect with another person, ourselves, or God/Universe.

In other words, if there was a way for us to mend things back together in just the right way, then possibly there would be much less pain, much less fear, much less confusion.

An amazing tool to mend things, that we actually use every single day, is right there at our fingertips, or shall I say at the tip of our tongue. It is called communication.

And doesn’t all either get broken or mended in a form of communication or lack thereof?

However that may be, I thought it might be helpful to get some additional, maybe new slants on conversation/communication, that might open up a space or two, for you to turn the communications you do anyway, into healing ones.

Would you like to try? Would you like to explore?

If so, please feel free to watch or listen to the following 5 short videos on that very topic:

Here are the links for you (I recommend you watch them in sequence):

How to use Communication as a Tool for Healing (#1)

Bridging the Universes (#2)

Loving Curiosity (#3)

How you know you were understood (#4)

The Magic that Happens when People are Deeply Heard (#5)