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Sometimes we are bogged down by energies we don’t even know we are affected by. We might feel heavy, confused, anxious, or just kind of disoriented. We might not even have words to describe it or, we may not even be aware that we are feeling this way. It just kind of is.

Have you ever felt that way? Or maybe you feel that way most of the time?

One phenomenon I help my clients with is the removal of old toxic energies that are on unlimited circulation with people we have long broken up, or have long distanced ourselves from, or even parents or elders who have passed on.

The phenomenon consists of the fact that every time we have as much as one negative encounter with another person, there is a cord of toxic energy that forms between us and this other person. We don’t know it, they don’t know it. It is just there, hanging out in the energy field of both people. And in that cord travels back and forth negative energies. This goes by unnoticed, unaware, until one day you do bring it into your awareness, and actually release some or all of these cords.

The lovely thing is, that all the good stuff, the love, the care, the belonging and so on, stays in a relationship after you cut the cords. Only the bad stuff falls away. And if there wasn’t any good stuff to begin with, so be it. And if there was at some point lots of good stuff, that just may be the way you can feel that again. Bottomline, you only cut off that which is toxic, not the love.

And boy oh boy does that feel good the let go of the toxicity. It feels like a weight is off your shoulders you didn’t know you had, you can breathe more easily, and you just feel more yourself. My clients have shared all kinds of interesting things happened after they cut cords:

  • Quite a few have said that after the cord cutting, they became aware of thoughts and feelings they have been entertaining, without ever being aware of them before – and now they could make new choices, choices that feel empowered and an expression of who they were, rather than some kind of knee-jerk-reaction.
  • Most of them shared that they became aware that there were boundaries missing, and they quite easily made these adjustments and felt much better since.
  • I’d say all of them have shared that they just feel better afterwards.
  • Someone said that after cutting cords with key people in her life, she got rid of old furniture in her apartment and it freed up so much old energy that she has been feeling way more energized and happy ever since.

Also, what might surprise you, is that even if you have done tons of therapy or healing work regarding a relationship, in most cases, the toxic cords don’t go away until you cut them. So even though you might think you have completed a relationship, you might find that once you cut cords, you will feel so much better.

Right now we are moving through quite heavy energies on this planet, and I feel we are all being asked to kindly let go of the weight we have been carrying around for only God knows how long.

And cord cutting is a beautiful way of doing that.