Sally has been suffering from migraines for about two decades.  They started, just like that. Out of the blue. BAM.

Luckily, she had a session scheduled with me right as when was in the middle of feeling the worst.

Where did we go?

We dug into the emotional body where the cause for these migraines had been stored all along.  Emotional body?

We store unresolved emotions in our emotional body, which is very tightly intertwined with our physical body.  So more often than not, we end up experiencing our unresolved emotions through our body pains.

How inconvenient.  Or wait.  Maybe how extremely helpful? What if the body pains are rendering a tremendous service to us by helping us become aware what we have stuffed away stuff that is still hurting and affecting us? That is in fact my experience, with my own body and that of my clients.

So back to Sally.  We directed our awareness into the physical pain that encompassed her neck, head and shoulders and embarked on a process I like to use to relieve old emotional trauma. Soon enough we arrived at this moment in time, where Sally was about 5 years old, being very, very angry.  She was rightfully angry, as she had just been very brutally abused on an emotional level by her mother.  Sally’s natural response was to be angry at her mother.  However, do you think her mom tolerated that anger from this little girl? Oh no, she did not.  She shamed the child, she yelled at her all over again, and made sure Sally knew, that her anger had no right to be there what so ever.  At that point, Sally, the 5-year-old, feels completely defeated, thoroughly confused and is in tremendous pain. And all Sally is left with, is that somehow, all of this is her fault.

So then what do you guess Sally did with her anger? She directed it at herself.  All of it.  An internal was started right at that moment that should last until we were able to resolve this trauma in our session together a few days ago.  Sally had internalized the rightful anger she felt towards her abuser, and took it out on herself.  Overtime, this turned into deep engrained self-hatred.

And that caused the migraines, over and over and over again.

Can you see, how useful it was for her body to produce a migraine, to get Sally’s attention? Sally needed a way of becoming aware of the fact that she had internalized this most atrocious dynamic, as it affected her on all levels, in all relationships.  Self-hatred is not a great basis for healthy relationships.

We thanked the migraine, and kissed it good bye.

So next time you feel pain – take a moment and consider, that your body might be trying to do you a favor.

Sending you big hugs,