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The sensitive and spiritual man in the 21st century has a lot of expectations weighing on him. He has to be attuned and emotionally intelligent, he has to be into yoga, meditation, or something like that, he has to put a roof over the head of his family and also spend quality time with them, ideally, he cooks and cleans, and takes the kids to school, and also, he has to be cool, strong, and sexy.

No small order. No other men in the history of the human race had such a tall order on what is expected of them.

The said men usually try extremely hard to come through on all ends, yet feel like they don’t, most of the time. They feel inadequate, tired, and often at wit’s end for not knowing how to ever meet the bill (figuratively & literally speaking).

Helping men unravel what went wrong in the aftermath has been a very rewarding experience, in rebuilding a man’s self-worth and confidence. Most of which can get erased quite easily when a relationship with the woman he truly loves, falls apart.

There is a pain and an agony, that in most cases no one will ever hear about. It is suffered in silence. A silence within which there are no alleys building him up. I have come to learn that this is the humongous collateral damage of the twelve thousand years of patriarchy, a system that is now, slowly, coming apart.

I teach men how to be deeply connected to the woman they love. I teach them how to be fully committed and connected, whilst also having the space to be fully themselves. Real space, not just a man cave. I teach them how to either build a new or transform an existing relationship into a work of art, where they get to shine and thrive. A nag-free-zone, a zone where they truly get to be who they are and do what they do best. Love the woman of their heart, with all of what they got, without getting lost, belittled, criticized, or dog-housed.

If you know of a man like that, please let him know. There is no need to suffer. There might be a need to learn a few more things, but that is easily done.

What I teach is something brand new and at the same time more ancient than the pyramids.