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Do you feel like you belong here? “Here”, could mean your family, the country you live in, the country you grew up in (if that is different), the planet as a whole?

I know many of my clients don’t feel that way when they come through the door and I certainly had my share of looking for “home”. My clients usually feel like they don’t fit in anywhere, and often they don’t know where they would even want to live if they had the choice, to really feel at home.

There happens to be an old Welsh word to describe that:

Hiraeth (n.) a Welsh word which mean a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past.

Some refer to this as a typical star-seed phenomenon, which basically assumes that light workers often originate from different planets and star systems and thus never really feel home on planet earth. They are just here to do their job.

By virtue of that, no matter where on earth they live, they never feel at home and might long for it all their lives.

What I have discovered this summer, holds the promise to change that.

This summer, I started out on a new trajectory of my work, (and am quite smitten with it), but more about that in a different letter.

My new work has a lot to do with assisting my clients in forming completely new, and viscerally anchored ways of perceiving mother earth. Afterall, you might have heard me talk much about the feminine energies, right? Well, what is more feminine than mother nature herself? But as I said, more about that another time.

Back to the feeling of not belonging “here”, or the phenomenon of Hiraeth.

I discovered a way of connecting with mother earth, that changes that sense of belonging. And with it, there is this profound relaxation of all the organs that comes with it. Almost like a feeling of “I have finally arrived, and I am not only ok to be here, but really happy to be here”.

If you are curious as to whether not feeling a true sense of belonging might be a root cause of a physical ailment, chronic low-level anxiety, or just a general state of distraction and confusion, then I’d love to talk to you. You’ll gain clarity as to whether this new way of grounding into nature would give you the confidence, strength and stability you long for.