I’m so excited to have an opportunity to share more with you about the amazing process I have been witnessing and participating in when doing the archetypal integration of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies. It truly is a topic that probably, maybe, one day will lead to a book. I don’t know yet but for now I have a feeling you are going to be hearing from me about this for a while as there are so many different angles and aspects and ways that these energies are really here to support us and give us what we so dearly need and want in life.

I have been working recently with quite a few women on integrating the archetypal energy of the mother. The mother energy of course is very important, it is very big, it is essential and central to our lives. We all come from a mother. Many of us are mothers and we all know mothers. The degree, to which the archetypal mother energy is consciously integrated in us, is absolute key in how well we do in life. Whether we get stuck in self-sabotaging or self-loving dynamics has a lot to do with this energy. The good news is, that the effectiveness of this process is completely independent of your actual mother and the mothering she has or hasn’t provided for you – just in case that is a concern for you.

Having the mother energy not fully integrated looks very different in every person, however there are also great similarities. One of them is that women who don’t have that energy fully integrated, never really feel settled, grounded and safe and they dont quite feel like they really, really belong. She feels unmoored and uneasy. She feels like she is deeply missing something, and hence, she is always looking for it. Often women look for that stability, warmth, safety and belonging in their significant other; which usually doesn’t work out that well. Women who don’t have that archetypal energy activated in them often look for an intimate relationship to meet that need of belonging and to still that deep un-settled energy. Although an intimate relationship definitely can provide this sense of belonging and safety, the original impulse that propels the women into such a relationship is actually a manifestation of the archetypal mother energy that isn’t integrated, not that of the lover archetype.

By the way, the main four divine feminine archetypes are: Mother, Amazon, Wise Woman and Lover. The divine masculine archetypes are: Father, Warrior, Magician and Lover. When all 4 energies are fully integrated (hence available to the person) they move into the experience of “King” or “Queen”.

The way it looks like when this energy is integrated and therefore available, is a great sense of relief and a very deep relaxation of the physical body (nervous system) and also the mental activity.

I had one client tell me after this integration that the following morning she woke up and she didn’t worry. She stressed the point that she never wakes up not worrying. Her whole entire life she woke up worrying. And then she used to wrestle through the entire day, pushing through this thick layer of worry, all day long. All of the sudden, ever since that integration, that worry wasn’t there anymore. What was in its place was a very sweet sense of safety and belonging, without anything in her environment or circumstances having changed.

Another outcome of this integration that I have observed in every single woman so far doing this integration, is that a very deep desire to take good care of one’s self arises, as if the mother inside all of a sudden woke up and decided to care well for this person. Whether that is in terms of what foods they eat, what activities they engage in, what thoughts about themselves they entertain – a deep sense of love and care for one’s self comes out, to replace the more self disparaging ones.

The divine masculine and feminine archetypal energies are all available to us; making them available to us is a very profound and experience, that changes how we do and feel about life.

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