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Dating is a mystical healing journey back into a woman’s heart and soul. 

Dating is a beautiful path that illumines her mind, so she can follow the cues, one after another, to reclaim her true value, her luminous beauty, her gentle and soft inner voice, her vulnerability, and deep, deep longing for connection. 

Dating like a Rose will bring about a deep transformation foremost in your own inner relationship with yourself, a rediscovery of sorts, of just how precious you are. 

Dating like a Rose will show you the layers of emotions that may be longing for the gentle shining of your own inner light onto it, so it can heal and integrate. 

Dating like a Rose is an invitation to any woman, who wants to drop the concepts we all created about men – the concepts and perceptions that were born out of pain, designed to cope with pain, to truly learn what men are all about. And it is not what you think. 

Dating like a Rose shows you how you can let those concepts go and start to recognize the pain that men have carried in their hearts forever as well. And how you can touch their heart and reignite their courage to love again. 

Dating like a Rose will make you stronger than ever, and softer than ever. It will reignite hope, and fill you with clarity and joy. 

Dating like a Rose will make your self-confidence skyrocket as it is now deeply rooted in your own inner truth. 

Dating like a Rose will make you love yourself as the precious, beautiful creature that you are. 

And most of all, it will show you a very clear map, give you a torch of bright light, so you can find him in the shortest amount of time possible. Whilst safeguarding your precious time, not wasting any of it, and staying clear of anything that could harm you in any way. 

As you date like a Rose, you are forming the new paradigm of romantic relationships that will be part of this planet’s healing.