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Integration of the Archetypal Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Immersion

Creating a new reality for ourselves and humanity

A workshop with Rosine Kushnick

3rd-5th August 2018, Upstate, New-York (New Paltz Area)

Join Rosine in a transformational healing workshop on integrating the archetypal divine masculine and feminine energies 


 What would it feel like to have an empowered and joyful relationship with yourself and the opposite sex, irrespective of your sexual orientation? To heal age-old wounds so you are free to forgive deeply, trust your own intuition, and create harmonious and life-affirming relationships?

In this deep emotional workshop, Rosine Kushnick will assist you in resolving the rift that we experience between women and men and between the feminine and the masculine energies within yourself. The workshop is designed to empower you to embody the divine manifestations of masculine and feminine energies.

The masculine and feminine energies have been at war with each other for a very long time. Each one of us is carrying wounds from this, often without being aware of just how much our day-to-day lives are being affected by it. We also inherit such dynamics from our ancestors and the culture we are part of. There is a rift marked by disconnect, anger, pain, frustration, violence, confusion and a major lack of understanding one another.

Join others on the journey as we come together for the benefit of humanity. We will be rewriting ancestral imprints that have been misdirecting you, and by clearing the past, we’ll make way for a new consciousness and way of being.

What would it feel like to be empowered in all areas of your life? To heal wounds from your energetic blueprint so you could be free to grow, to trust your own intuition, and to create harmonious and life-affirming relationships?

In this workshop, you’ll release deep energetic wounds from your being, allowing them to transmute into positive learnings that you can take forward to make practical changes in your life.

You may not know it, but we all have feminine and masculine energies within us.

Feminine Qualities include: softness, receptivity, intuition and co-operation.

Masculine Qualities include: activity, decisiveness, rationality and individualism.

 If these are out of balance within ourselves, it can lead to unhappiness, ill health, and disharmony in relationships.

 What might this look like?

In the West, masculine energy has dominated for a long time, and this has lead to an imbalance on a large scale. Men may have a hard time being vulnerable due to the suppression of their feminine energies. Women may too have a hard time being soft, or accepting their intuitive nature. Read here about Rosine’s vision of the masculine and feminine energies working together.

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About Rosine

 “I work with the empowering the female energies in women and empowering the male energies in men, so they can have a more sacred relationship with themselves, and ultimately the world.”

Rosine Kushnick is a gifted empath and emotional healer, who has worked with many clients around the world. She has the ability to provide mass transformation and healing in a group setting. She’s an in-demand international speaker and conducts three-day immersive healing retreats in upstate New York in addition to her private practice.

Her work and philosophy is focused on elevating the feminine and masculine energies to their mature expressions. By providing a safe space for others to heal the suppressed masculine or feminine aspects of themselves, she has witnessed many profound healings and transformations. She is passionate about the healing qualities that this brings to the individual, and believes it is necessary for us each to take this path in the next step of human evolution.

Healing the world starts with healing ourselves.

 In this workshop you will:

  • Drop the weight and confusion of this age-old drama and move into truly understanding and connecting.
  • Change your understanding of the masculine and feminine dynamic, and get a new perspective of your role in creating a new reality for human-kind; one in which the feminine and masculine energies are empowered.
  • Release old conscious and unconscious wounds that have limited your ability to enjoy the unity of feminine and masculine energies within and without.
  • Explore what life looks like when masculine and feminine qualities are embodied.
  • Enjoy more clarity and trust.


Who the workshop is for:

This workshop is for you if you’re committed to enhancing your personal and professional life to greater heights through graceful transformation. Anyone being held back by anger, sorrow, loss, unresolved issues, or difficult situations can be liberated through this process of healing the wounded energies, allowing them to connect with the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine qualities to find instant relief, lightness, and joy.

The workshop will have a unique, co-created experience catering to you and the group’s most pressing needs, healing what most needs to be healed, and generating the outcomes most beneficial to realizing your true desires.

What does this mean for you as an individual?

It means that you will embody being soft as well as strong, that you will be able to use your intuition as well as your intellect, and that you will move into the vibration of receiving as well as giving. As a result you will feel more comfortable and empowered in your masculine and feminine energies, feeling more connected to yourself and others.

We’d love you to join us in Poland, and start the journey of this courageous and deeply transformational work.

What others are saying

“I’m feeling a whole new way of being in my feminine. In the past I too ‘understood’ masculine and feminine constructs but now I am feeling them, in my body and noticing how good it feels to dance with the feminine and allow.”

“I have integrated a new way of being me that feels so much more alive and natural.”

 “I find myself enraptured in a dance of embodying the many deep passionate energies of the feminine that previously I couldn’t access because I was too caught up in ‘holding it all together’.”

 “The experience has allowed me to completely tap into what masculinity is and how to help other men understand how to use it responsibly to enhance and support the feminine to be totally expressed.”


If you have any questions about the workshop, please get in touch, I’d love to answer them.

Rosine will be back in Poland to lead a three-day workshop on the same topic, Friday, September 28 – Sunday, September 30, 2018.

Empowering the Divine Feminine and Masculine 

Rosine Kushnick interviewed by Pilar Ortiz, a successful bilingual (Spanish/English) and an international speaker, trainer, entrepreneur and author about integrating the divine femenine and masculine energies.

Bridging the big Rift – healing age-old Wounds 

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