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There is nothing quite like the deep satisfaction and sense of wellbeing that comes from being gently guided and reunited with our wholeness in a soul session.

The many challenges of life and of growing up have left undercurrents of hidden emotion swirling beneath our awareness that continue to create obstacles to the attainment of our desires, goals, fulfillment, and alignment.

Unwittingly in an attempt to navigate this turmoil our original perfect selves have been splintered, with only a lingering sense that “something is missing from our lives” we just don’t know what that is. It’s us. It’s the discarded pieces that are still there, buried, being harbored in shadows, crying out and waiting to be discovered again, yearning to be reunited with the whole.

Rosine uses her gifts to recognize and connect with a current issue or challenge you may be facing and tenderly guides you deep beneath the surface to integrate the emotional root causes.

A broad range of issues are instantly resolved and you feel deeply connected to your core by virtue of this significant shift. With another layer of wholeness restored, you’ll leave your session with a sense that who you are is enough, that you’ve always been enough.

A Soul-Session may or may not include a Completion Process (CP) depending on what you need or want on that particular day.

Rosine has been trained and certified by Teal Swan herself in facilitating the Completion Process.  The Completion Process is a most compassionate, kind, gentle and intelligent way for the human soul to re-create wholeness of one’s own being, after having experienced any degree of trauma.