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Kings and Queens in Love (Couples)

Creating new ways of relating, connecting and belonging.

Save your relationship. Heal your deepest wounds. Create safe, sturdy, fulfilling Love.

Your relationship with your loved one is not what you have always dreamed it to be. You press each other’s buttons far too often and you feel heart-achingly alone and completely misunderstood. You know this is not how it’s supposed to be for the two of you and you both want more. More depth, safety in belonging and just the fun you had when you first fell in love.

Maybe it’s worse, maybe your relationship is almost falling apart. You and your partner have both tried everything and things did not get better.

At this point, you might even be afraid that there is no other option left but to separate.

Yet, underneath all the turmoil and conflict, the torturous disconnection and misunderstanding, you still feel you are right for each other and you really really long for a way to make it work. Together.

Having worked with dozens of clients, some of them at the brink of divorce, who were able to turn around their relationships completely, I know that a new level of love, connection and trust is possible for you.

I work with the Archetypal Energies to help you release your deepest emotional wounds and patterns that are keeping you stuck in a cycle of driving each other crazy, feeling disconnected, withdrawing and feeling disappointed a lot.

The Kings and Queens in Love program is designed to:

  • Change the dynamics playing out in your relationship at the root level, so that you can grow into strong and fully connected partnership with your loved one
  • Empower you to resolve conflicts and commit to each other fully
  • Support you in expressing your free authentic Self within your relationship
  • Recreate deep connectedness, collaboration and mutually supportive…..

To find out if this program is right for you right now:

Each Archetype activates aspects of the human experience that you need within yourself in order to be able to connect heartily and courageously – especially when it comes to intimate relationships. Here are some of these qualities that become deeply available through working with me:

Express your authentic self and move into deep relationship without having to compromise or give up who you truly are.

Experience deeply connective intimacy, while feeling safe and secure.

Click into a deep sense of belonging and awareness, that you truly are not alone.

Start enjoying a profound sense of well-being and certainty, that you are being provided for.

Open up to your own inner magic, intuition and inner guidance, and then trust that so you can act on it, creating an amazing life for yourself.

Get clear of what your true purpose is and move forward with clarity and resolve.

Nurture life giving and nourishing boundaries that enhance your wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of the people in your life.

Past clients have experienced rapid transformation of relationships, turned around marriages from wanting to file a divorce to deep connection and co-creation. Some of them have healed chronic illness and pain, created successful businesses, overcame procrastination and found their true purpose and mission in life.

Once you integrate the Archetypal Energies:

You heal old wounds that you were not aware were feeding you old, outdated, destructive relationship patterns, and learn how to connect deeply, while being perfectly present with your own needs and feelings.

You have the capacity to truly see each other, to love and deeply connect naturally.

You create fulfilling and uplifting relationships with all the people that matter to you in your life.

You step into your own inner King or Queen and transform the outdated relationship patterns that we all have been saturated with.


My background in trauma resolution work supports you in making deep, permanent shifts. With the power of the Archetypal Energies these shifts come unprecedentedly fast and thorough. You no longer have to choose and strive to react differently. We rewire your brain and heart and create a new normal for you. As an individual and as a couple. Once the wiring is changed, you really don’t have to make any effort to now think or be differently. You become a different person. The one who you’ve always wanted to be.

You become a team. You step into a whole new world of creating loving connections. You create intimacy. You open up to Joy. And experience true partnership.

Are you single at the moment or your partner isn’t up for this level of transformation right now? I also work with Kings and Queens Getting Ready For Love. Things can change drastically if you do your part of inner healing and alignment. So if this speaks to you and you would love to know more of what is possible when you do this on your own with me, please book a complimentary Heart to Heart chat: