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Kings and Queens Getting Ready for Love

Creating new ways of relating, connecting and belonging.

Transcending what you have unconsciously blocked

in finding (and keeping) the Right One

Are you longing for an intimate relationship that makes you feel safe and at home? In which you feel truly seen for who you are? One where you can relax, one where both of you can show up fully and vulnerably and be loved and supported?

Maybe you already are in a relationship with someone. Maybe it’s still fresh and as much as you love your partner, they also trigger you like no one else has in a long time.

Maybe you are single at the moment and dreaming of finding the One. Maybe you are slowly losing hope. Where are the good ones? Why is nothing working out the way you thought they would? Why do relationships feel more like being trapped than freedom and deep connection?

In your world up until now, being in relationship equals you can’t be there for yourself and also be there for the other person. It’s either or and it’s going to suck you dry. You are tired of sacrificing, of feeling put down, taken advantage of. You feel like the other one doesn’t meet you, doesn’t listen, and you are not appreciated for who you are.

I hear you. Sometimes this even feels like the universe never gives you what you want, right? My bet is, you already know that this isn’t about the other person, or the universe, this is about you and what you’ve learned about love, belonging, and expressing yourself growing up. Sometimes it’s about obvious abuse, neglect and abandonment. Sometimes the trauma is less obvious, yet both are powerful in holding you down and keeping you in destructive, hurtful patterns. In my experience, unless and until we resolve the root cause, we are literally incapable of attracting anyone who is really THERE for us and with us.

In the Kings and Queens Getting Ready for Love program we work 1:1 on releasing your deepest emotional wounds and patterns that are keeping you stuck in a cycle of disconnection, hurt, withdrawal and disappointment.

During the Kings and Queens Getting Ready for Love program you have my full support to:

  • Get clear why you want a relationship, your needs and dreams, and what you hope to receive.
  • Gain deep understanding of who you are and what you uniquely are willing and ready to give.
  • Uncover unconscious beliefs and programs about what it means to be in relationship and clear them.
  • Resolve and heal emotional trauma related to your experience of love, support, connection and belonging.
  • Make new empowered choices for yourself in all relationships in your life.
  • Commit to yourself fully, be there for yourself and start caring for YOU.
  • Begin to enjoy a profound sense of well-being and certainty that you are a whole, capable, beautiful being worth of the love you hope is possible for you.

Depending on what you need in any given moment, we might compliment the deep emotional work with working with the 8 universal Archetypal Energies. Each Archetype activates aspects of the human experience that you need within yourself in order to be able to connect courageously and express yourself with all your heart – especially when it comes to intimate relationships.

To find out if this program is right for you right now:

Once you integrate the Archetypal Energies:

You heal old wounds that you were not aware were feeding you old, outdated, destructive relationship patterns, and learn how to connect deeply, while being perfectly present with your own needs and feelings.

You have the capacity to truly see yourself and allow yourself to be seen. You are ready for intimacy, knowing how to create a deeply connective, safe experience for yourself and the other one.

You know who you are and can courageously and lovingly stand up for yourself in all areas of your life.

During the program you will step into your own inner King or Queen and transform the outdated relationship patterns that we all have been saturated with.

This is for you:

You are single and fed up with not finding true love. You know it’s your time.

You are in and out of relationships and you want this cycle and search to end. You long for deep connection and commitment.

You are in a partnership where your loved one sends you into emotional turmoil often. Everything you’ve tried to change the patterns hasn’t worked, so you are ready to look deeply into yourself now.

You and your partner both know that you have something to sort out but they aren’t ready to commit to the deep work yet. You know it’s your time to resolve your part of the story and be the one who begins the transformation process.

Past clients have experienced rapid transformation of relationships, turned around marriages from wanting to file a divorce to deep connection and co-creation. Some of them have healed chronic illness and pain, created successful businesses, overcame procrastination and found their true purpose and mission in life.

Will this work for me?

If you are currently in a relationship or close to being in relationship, you might be wondering if transformation is possible while your partner (to be) is not doing any work on his or her own stuff.

Of course, every situation is unique, so I can’t promise you the happy ending you currently might have in mind. Yet, what I do know is this: Once you commit to this kind of deeply personal, inner healing, resolve old wounding at the root, you will react differently. You will express yourself differently. You’ll finally know and stay true to your values and you’ll stand up for your needs with love and openness, with care and clarity, more and more often. Even if your partner has no idea about the transformation you are going through, things must change when you change at this profound level.

When you don’t have boundaries and don’t feel like you are allowed to want what you want and get it, it’s very difficult to have a fulfilling relationship, with anyone really. However, as soon as you get clear for yourself and learn to trust in life again, things can drastically change, and fast.

One thing I hear my clients say again and again is how they’ve been searching and trying for years, sometimes decades, to crack the code of their relationship patterns, moving from one therapist to the next. They know how to work on themselves, they’ve done talk therapy and have explored their situations thoroughly. When we start working together, I hear them sigh with relief that this is the first time they experience permanent shifts and after just a few sessions they report back how their lives open up in magical ways.

In our work together, we let your symptoms (the feelings and day-to-day occurrences that bug you the most) guide us deep into the root cause that is currently keeping you in destructive cycles and unhelpful patterns. Once we are there, and create healing and resolution on this deep level, often the symptoms are gone for good.


My background in trauma resolution work supports you in making deep, permanent shifts. With the power of the Archetypal Energies these shifts come unprecedentedly fast and thorough. You no longer have to choose and strive to react differently. We rewire your brain and heart and create a new normal for you.

Once the wiring is changed, you really don’t have to make any effort to now think or be differently.

I’ve seen this time and time again:

Clients who desperately wished to make things work got clear that actually, they didn’t even want, let alone need, a relationship at the moment and instead went out to make some big dreams happen in other areas of their life. Men and women who have turned around their relationship within a few sessions while their partners were highly skeptical, resistant or even completely indifferent to inner healing work. I have seen silent wars and suffering turning into mutual support, honesty and loving presence for each other where only one went on the deep journey of integrating the Archetypal Energies and healing deep childhood wounds.

Once you align your inner being, the world around you must move to match it.

To find out what is possible for you and your situation: