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Rosine has been trained and certified by Teal Swan herself in facilitating the Completion Process.  The Completion Process is a most compassionate, kind, gentle and intelligent way for the human soul to re-create wholeness of one’s own being, after having experienced any degree of trauma.

Everyone on earth, regardless of how good his or her childhood may have been, has experienced trauma to some degree; therefore, everyone experiences post-traumatic stress to some degree. The people who know for sure that they have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are the ones experiencing post-traumatic stress to such a degree that it interferes with their ability to function, thus they have been given an actual diagnosis.  Many people, who are simply struggling to try to feel good in their lives, cannot look back at their lives and pinpoint an exact event that caused their current pain.  It is hard for the average person to see that the root of the pain in their adult life is in fact past trauma.

The Completion Process however, allows you to see the root of your current pain and to resolve it.  It allows you to become complete again.