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  • Have you ever desired to manifest things in your life easily without having to push up-hill, struggling every day and drudge yourself through all the unpleasant activities to get there?
  • Have you ever longed to just wake up in the morning and know things were going to go as planned or better, feeling perfectly safe, that the universe got your back?
  • Do you know that your career, finances and love life could feel so much more in flow than they do now, yet figuring out how, feels elusive?
  • Do you feel disconnected?
  • Are you stuck in your career?
  • Are you not making the impact you wish you were making?
  • Are you lagging behind in manifesting your goals?
  • Are you exhausted and tired?Are your relationships taxing or missing altogether?
  • Do you wish you could hear the secret whisper of your soul, guiding you along your way?

Then you have arrived at the right place.

If you answered one or more questions with a yes, please book a complimentary heart to heart talk with Rosine right here:

We are all divine beings, with scintillating and pure souls. Let me assist you in aligning with that, so you can succeed and thrive with ease.

Have you been wanting to create certain outcomes in your life, and it just hasn’t happen for you yet? Maybe starting or growing a family, a prosperous business or a committed and supportive relationship; a deeply connected, purpose driven and meaningful life?

Then you probably have already tried very hard, worked diligently and done your best “to make it happen”. Maybe you have wondered at times, if maybe the universe doesn’t want you to have that thing you so much long to experience, otherwise, why has it not yet happened?

Then you’ve arrived at the right place.

Rosine assists people of all walks of life to align with their true soul identity. When we align with our soul, everything we long for starts to manifest naturally. We just may need a little help to click into alignment.

Whether you want to take your business to the next level, tap into your creative genius and monetize it, have a baby, change up the ways of your relationships – it doesn’t matter. All creations, all manifestations in this universe are governed by the law of attraction. And if you are for any unknown reason not in resonance with what you are desiring to create, you wont be able to create it no matter how hard you try.

And that is where Rosine comes in.

Tracing, identifying and integrating what is in your way of living a life of deep alignment, purpose and connection is Rosine’s true gift. She has mastered the art of guiding you to the underlying root cause to resolve and release the issue permanently. She does so with an uncanny accuracy and speed. The relief is immediate and creates an open space that allows for you to move forward effortlessly.

Rosine will help you discover that your authentic self is already perfect and worthy. She will facilitate you to be reunited with your divine wholeness. Rosine will guide you in removing and resolving the hidden forces and limitations, and in doing so allow your expansion, fulfillment, and unfettered vibration to match and effortlessly create the life of your dreams and find your authentic soul’s purpose.

There’s absolutely no need to continue to push and exhaust yourself by shear force of will toward current pursuits, lash yourself with positive thinking and affirmations, or needlessly struggle to perfect yourself in order to feel worthy of your desires. None of that will help. It will only generate more frustration and fatigue. The most efficient and productive approach is to resolve and integrate the underlying cause.


My session with Rosine was incredibly powerful. She was able to give me clarity about my direction as well as confirm things I’d been playing with in my head. By the time we were done I felt a renewed sense of purpose and vision, and actually changed several of my marketing concepts in order to align better with my authentic self and purpose. I highly highly recommend doing your session with Rosine, she is magical.”

– Michelle Villalobos


As a brand new entrepreneur I felt both excited and lost. I had questions like, ‘What do I focus on? What niche should I settle on? How do I focus my energy and my time for success?’ My Soul Identify Reading and Soul Based Business Alignment Reading with Rosine gently and lovingly answered all of those questions for me. Today I am laser focused and understand who I am and who I need to serve.

I am so very grateful that Rosine is now in my life! In fact, she showed up at that critical moment when I needed her.

I can’t wait for my next reading!”

– Monique Catoggio, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Coach and CEO of her own business, Illumined Life Leadership