Ever dreamed of diving deep and truly changing the course of your life in just 3 days?

We changed the vibrational set up of not being able to have what you want, we changed self-hatred into self love, we changed the inability to set boundaries to enjoying setting boundaries and the list goes on.

This all happened in a Sovereignty-Reigns-Supreme immersion last week with one of my clients. We were looking for what has been stashed away, silently awaiting love for all these years; we soaked it in love, and let it come back into conscious awareness. A process that transforms your reality, brings freedom, personal power and peace.

It is one of my favorite things to do. Letting my bloodhound self-go look for all that is hidden and ready to come out, and hold it all together in a space of fiercely unconditional love, that provides the magical transformation, always full of delightful surprises.

First we spent some time getting really clear on what my client wanted to shift in this immersion. What was going on for her that she no longer wanted to experience (including thought patterns and uncomfortable emotions). And also, we identified what she wanted to learn so she can create a new experience in life. This allowed me to dive in deep to the root of the major issue that held all of it in place:


Fear to love. 

Fear of being loved.

Sounds familiar? 

Not easy terrain, especially not when you are on your own and possibly subjugated to your own critical and impatient mind. My client very courageously went for it and went very deep; by the time our first day came to a close, she had swam in the pond of self-love, feeling and seeing only rosy golden light inside and out. A feeling and experience completely new to her. Up until this point, she did not know what unconditional love feels like. 

Her fear of being loved and loving others evaporated into thin air, making room for a deep recognition that love just is. It doesn’t need to be given or received, it simply needs to be experienced. Her trepidation of having to be vulnerable to get what she wants in life, turned into an excited love for freedom – the freedom to feel love, no matter who she is with or what she is doing. 

Needless to say, self-hatred had evaporated also. 

We revisited the scenarios that were happening in her life right now, that were deeply disturbing to her and they just had no hold on her any more. Where she was scared of other people’s emotional reactions, she now felt a very clear sense of who she is, and what is hers, and what is not hers, and she felt that she can encounter the other people with compassion and love. It was a good day!

On the second day, we dove deep into the frustration of not being able to have what she actually wants to have. 

Has that ever happened to you? That you know exactly what you want, and you just can’t have it? 

As strong as her desire was to have something, as strong was the belief she cannot have it. 

Which took us straight into her womb trauma – a place where she was unwanted and actually wished dead before she was even born. 

No surprise that her tiny little body was designed and programmed for chronic disease, depression and anxiety. Being unwanted in the womb can literally feel to the embryo as if it is being fed with poison. It sets the body up for physiological dysfunction, and of course it is causing endless emotional trauma. 

We released that, and totally re-engineered her womb experience, which changed her physiology, and her emotional predisposition. She felt her DNA was literally being replaced. The information that is now stored in her memory is that of a baby who was wanted and loved in the womb. 

Not that this was not enough, we dove into the part of her who refused to set boundaries with people in her life. It soon became clear, why my client didn’t have any boundaries, which has led to so much stress and frustration. 

The part of her in charge of boundaries had been severely abused and had tried to evaporate itself from life altogether. We were able to recuperate that aspect, and before you knew it, it started to make a choice, which was the first choice in its whole existence. It was so deeply disempowered, it literally had never made a choice, because it did not know that was an option. And then it started to set boundaries, left and right, and enjoyed it. 

A new chapter definitely just started for my client. That holds many deep, liberating changes in store!

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