So much to share; where to begin?

The 3-day immersion in Poland was amazing. We dove in really deep, and stayed there for three entire days, dissolving the blocks that hold us from connecting deeply with others. And who was before me at the end of the immersion definitely was no longer the same person as when we started. Faces lit up, hearts took deep sighs of relief, and genuine connection with all that is came about.

Life long battles, that had been going on, unbeknownst to the person, were laid to rest. Self-hatred turned into self-love – not as a concept, but as a visible, life changing event. Anxiety and agitation turned into delightful laughter and giggles.

New ways of relating and connecting were definitely forged by each and every one of the participants.

Here are a few snippets of what participants shared:

  • I learned how I was using my sexual energy and physical beauty to manipulate and control men; an approach that left me completely empty and sad. I uncovered what was driving that, transformed it, and now I have a relationship with my femininity, sensuality and sexuality that enhances and deepens my connection with the man I love.
  • I realized how petrified of my own and other people’s emotions I had been, and that I had shut everyone out for that reason. Now I can be with my and other people’s emotions, which deepens my connection with others.
  • My main fear of connecting used to be that I always took on other people’s emotions and energies; I was able to let that go during the immersion and now I feel totally safe connecting and being close with others.
  • I realized how much I pushed others away, building walls everywhere. I was able to take those walls down and dissolve the fear that built them. Now I can be close to people and myself again.
  • I learned, that much of what I wish others gave me, are experiences I did not allow myself to have. Now I can take responsibility for that, and allow myself to have these experiences, without having to blame or manipulate anyone.
  • I used to tie myself into a very tight knot by using my mental concepts to avoid feeling my emotions; I was so terrified of feeling them. Now I can feel them, and move through them with ease, a totally new experience for me. My mind is very calm and I am filled with joy; this is very new for me.

When our vibrational signature that informs relationships changes at such a deep level, our reality is bound to change as well. Stay tuned for updates from their new realities.