The Western cultures are very much geared toward looking good, having it all, accomplishing everything, and amassing wealth and material possessions that indicate, “I’m doing well!”

There is nothing wrong with owning material possessions. Challenges arise when we perform every action “so that” we can amass and accomplish… funnily enough, when we orient ourselves to constantly achieve, achieve, achieve, we may in fact see outstanding results, but we’re left feeling inadequate all the time.

Can you relate to that feeling?

As a society, we are very far away from embracing all that is – warts and all. It’s just not part of our day-to-day mentality. We’re so thoroughly trained to believe there is something wrong with us and that we must strive to “fix” that something, that we forget how perfectly we have been created.

Can you imagine operating from a space of knowing that you are enough? That you are perfect, that you are a success, that everything you have done, or ever will do, is enough? Wouldn’t that be a relief?