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I have have requested that a Golden Beam of Light, LLC and www.RosineKushnick.com’s practitioner (Rosine Schiess-Kushnick) provide me with soul readings of any type, Akashic record readings, energy balancing sessions as well as classes and workshops or other consultative services (together referred to as “Services”).

1. Golden Beam of Light, LLC and www.Rosine Kushnick.com practitioners or authorized agents (and the Services they provide) do not diagnose conditions nor do they prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Their advice and treatments/sessions do not take the place of medical care. It is recommended that you see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have. Their advice, treatments, sessions and other Services can complement any medical or psychological care.

2. Golden Beam of Light, LLC and www.Rosine Kushnick.com makes no projections or estimates as to how well you will do or the level of success you might achieve by using the information and strategies covered in your consultations or sessions or any Services provided by GBL and www.Rosine Kushnick.com providers or authorized agents.

3. I understand that any information, communication and or consultations with Rosine Kushnick are for educational, spiritual and entertainment purposes only. No reading given by Rosine Kushnick is intended to nor should it ever take the place of professional services including but not limited to: medical, legal, financial, business and or psychological. I understand that Golden Beam of Light, LLC and www.Rosine Kushnick.com’s practitioner (Rosine Schiess-Kushnick) accepts no liability and or responsibility for any actions and or decisions and client chooses to take or make based on his/her consultation with Rosine Kushnick.

4. I understand that all information shared in a session or Services will be held in confidence.

5. Except in the case of gross negligence or malpractice, I, my heirs or my representative(s) agree to full release and hold harmless Rosine Kushnick, www.Rosine Kushnick.com and/or Golden Beam of Light, LLC from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with my sessions or participation in any Matrix Energetics or consultative sessions, any classes or workshops or any other Services that they may provide.

6. I acknowledge that I have read this waiver of liability form. I fully understand its terms and conditions, and understand that I am waiving and giving up my right to sue Golden Beam of Light, LLC and www.Rosine Kushnick.com or their practitioners or authorized agents. I acknowledge that I am signing this agreement voluntarily, and intend by my signature for this to be a complete and unconditional release of liability to the greatest extent allowable by law.

A copy of the above will be emailed to you.

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