Violet was struggling with what the purpose and meaning of her life was. She was living in a state of ongoing confusion, holding back, questioning everything. Violet wasn’t moving forward, she wasn’t deriving any fulfillment from what she was doing, she was just in a fearful holding pattern for a really long time. She did have a job she somewhat liked, but even that did not make much sense to her.

After a soul identity reading, she started to be able to wrap her mind around what her soul group is, and what her predominant soul energy is, and her life started to shift. Very gently, but steadily into a direction of sweet alignment.

She learned that she was not weird or odd, but rather, that one of her innate gifts is that of being intuitive and “connected”. Rather then feeling like there is something wrong about her that made her different form all her “normal” friends, she realized she does have divine gifts like everyone else and they deserve to be nurtured and appreciated.

Violet began to read books that taught her more about her gifts; she stopped stressing herself out over what she should be doing, when she really didn’t want to. Like going to bars with her friends. She even stopped seeing a guy she used to feel quite attached to – because now she could see what he was seeing in her. Not who Violet actually is.

Within in a few months, everything very gently fell into place. She found a lovely guy who is showering her with love and affection. Her self confidence is way stronger and she feels more comfortable in her own skin – such that each day is a lovely adventure rather then what it used to be – a dreaded and long trial exposing her insecurities.

Sometimes it takes as little as just knowing what your divine soul blueprint is for you to align with that which is here to guide, serve and support you.
I am here for you.