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The Sovereignty Activator

Activate rich, deep, fulfilling relationships with yourself, your love and life and step into your full potential with the support of the eight Archetypal Energies

Are you wondering why things are feeling stuck and like one step forward means two steps back?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and misunderstood in your relationships?

Are you feeling depleted and hoping for a shift, but somehow you don’t even know what is missing and where to begin?

Have you tried a lot already and nothing has brought you permanent relief?

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


In the 8 week experiencial Sovereignty Activator you will:

  • Learn about the Archetypal Energies and how their integration can completely shift your experience in love, relationships, health, business, work and more
  • Meet their shadow aspects and clearly see how they are playing out in your life right now
  • Gain deep understanding about your current experience and begin shifting your most deeply rooted patterns
  • Reconnect to your inner sense of power and wisdom to navigate the human experience with grace, ease and deep connection

The Sovereignty Activator includes:

  • Introduction to the work of Archetypal Integration and how you will change your life with this knowledge
  • 5 videos for deep insight into each of the Archetypes and their shadow aspects: How they might play out in your life right now and what is available to you once you integrate them
  • Case studies of past clients to help you step into your new paradigm
  • 4 live transformational group sessions via video call (120 mins) to resolve your most pressing issues and begin integrating the Archetypal Energies into your life.

Investment: 2 monthly payments of $150 each or one full payment of $295

Note: People living in Poland can contact Rosine directly and get a 50% discount.


Equipped with this new awareness and understanding you will be able to:

Find clarity in situations when before you were spinning in circles.

Reframe your challenges and find new solutions.

Release the power of old programming and implement healthy patterns instead.

Create nourishing and honoring boundaries for yourself and others.

Become more accepting of who you are.

Relate to those in your life with compassion, opening up to higher levels of collaboration and support.

Clearly see your potential and make new choices for yourself.

During the 4 transformational group sessions we will integrate the new understanding and work with some of the Archetypes and their shadows directly. This will help you to easefully step into a completely new experience in your daily life. Once you begin to integrate the Archetypal Energies, you relate to life with a new sense of possibility, collaboration and trust. Your behavior changes permanently. You don’t have to force new patterns any longer – they are now available to you. You react differently. You become a sovereign, empowered participant in your relationships and your life’s work.

How this works:

You can sign up any time and participate for the consecutive 8 weeks. You get instant access to the pre-recorded videos so you can start your journey of integrating the archetypes right away.

Tranformational Group Sessions are scheduled to accommodate different time zones and work life realities. You can participate in 4 sessions during your 8 week period. If you can’t make it live there will be a recording for you.

Our next call dates are:

  • Tuesday, June 4 (2pm-4pm EST)
  • Wednesday, June 19 (2pm-4pm)
  • Wednesday, July 3 (2pm-4pm)

My background in trauma resolution work supports you in making deep, permanent shifts.

With the power of the Archetypal Energies these shifts come unprecedentedly fast and thorough. You no longer have to choose and strive to react differently. We rewire your brain and heart and create a new normal for you.

The information in this program is ground-breaking and extracted from working with dozens of clients privately to heal their deepest childhood wounds and integrate the Archetypal Energies. Past clients have experienced rapid transformation of relationships, turned around marriages from wanting to file a divorce to deep connection and co-creation. Some of them have healed chronic illness and pain, created successful businesses, overcame procrastination and found their true purpose and mission in life.

The beauty of doing this deep work in a group setting is that even while the circumstances are unique for each of us – the core wounds and traumas are often very similar and doing this together helps all of us to move through layers, we didn’t even know were there to begin with.

You will not have to bare your soul during the calls. You will experience deep transformation even when you don’t say a word.

Are you ready to create your new normal?

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