She leans back, and takes a deep breath.
She is free, in the embrace.
She is alive, and fierce.
She is safe, to bear children, to birth new ways of living together in harmony
She is life itself.

He, feels called forth deeply, by his innermost knowing.
Providing safety. Providing boundaries. Providing spaces for sacred life to be nurtured.
He knows of his tremendous gifts, of decisive, clear, purposeful forward movement.
All his actions are in alignment with what is good for all.
And he does them with pride.

Children play
There is a deep sense of safety, belonging and wellbeing for all present. Young, old. Everyone’s gifts are welcomed, recognized and enhanced.
The female is lavishing the male,
The male is adoring the female,
Respecting each other’s needs deeply, each one thrives into its full potential.
There is no rift. There is no pain. There is deep togetherness, community and hope.

The feminine in all women, the feminine in all men is glowing, with nurturing warmth.
The masculine in all women, the masculine in all men, is shining, with impressive stature.

It used to be that the masculine wasn’t really holding the feminine.
And had to grip and hold onto tight. In fear. In worry. She became strong like a man and provided for herself and her children.
Trying ferociously to bury her deep fear, pain and anger under layers and layers of clay like earth.
She tried. But it ate her up. It tore her apart and she tore her man apart.

He could not get it right for her.
Everything he did, was cause for that pain to erupt in a volcano of resentment.
Fireworks of unresolved hurt from centuries of abuse and neglect, kept ravaging the fragile grounds of relationships.
How could there have been union?
Men were emasculated, or avoided.
Women were feared, for their irrational and nonsensical behavior and emotions.
Men could not live with them, nor without them.
Women were violated in more ways than one.
There was a war. A life destroying war.
They were deeply lost in the myrrh of despair. Covered over with bravado, superiority, sometimes violence. Sometimes, violence was all there was.

Clarity, purpose and pride was wiped from the masculine experience, and they were lost, deeply, lost in confusion and frustration.
There was no union. There was no hope.

Are you ready to find your way back home?
Where union is the common ground?
I know how to get there, I have the map.
I know how to mend the broken pieces and put them back together again.
I am here for you.
It is a messy road.
It can be real dark and lonely too. Excruciating.
The destination is exhilarating though.
Let me know if you want to make this your reality.
You do deserve it.