There is nothing more awful then a relationship that is going bad or that went bad. At least not in my books.

What if you could use any relationship that went bad, or that is just not going great, as a map to creating much more fulfilling and connecting relationships?

What if those painful experiences hold the very key for you to gain access to that which needs loving attention so you can transform it, and subsequently create relationships that work for you?

There is so much we can gain from using the relationship that didn’t turn out well, as a map to our own subconscious programming, our traumas that shape our beliefs and ultimately create our reality.

Unless and until we are willing to decode that map, the same s**it will most likely manifest again. Why? Because it is our subconscious programing that is predominantly creating our reality, not our dreams and desires, that are, from a vibrational point of view, very much on the surface.

What do I mean with that? You can have a desire or dream for a relationship lets say, that you are aware of, maybe since decades. Yes, what is stronger, and more powerful in the creation of your relationships is what is going on underneath the surface – which is about 80-90 percent of your energy. Ouch!

No matter how hard you try, what is underneath it all is going to dictate the quality, essence and experience of your next manifestation. So make it a good one. Only, how?

The way to make it a good one, is to get humble, and consider, that there may be stuff going on below your radar, that is generating exactly the opposite of what you think you want to create. I know, that sounds crazy, certainly is crazy annoying. However, there is some method to this madness, and we certainly can decode it.

Take a failed relationship. Believe it or not, right there, you have an awesome tool to decode the method of the madness (madness meaning – you possibly creating circumstances you do not desire). What ever it is in that relationship you didn’t like, there is a deep, old, probably festering reason within you that is a total and perfect vibrational match to it.

Lets say one of the core issues for you in that failed relationship has been total and utter neglect. That can not happen unless you have that very vibration stored deeply within you – I hate to brake it to you – but most likely a traumatic experience in your very early childhood. That annoying behavior of this partner that neglects you (to use one of a million possible ways to undermine relationships), is your map, your guide to go looking for when and how you experienced that as a little child. Because only when you are able to release and restore all these aspects of you that got a little beat up growing up, can you change that actual vibration. And if you don’t change that vibration, then most likely, you will get served up more of the same. It is just how the universe works. Same attracts same.

So – if you are ready to decode the painfully failed relationships, to map out what really needs attention within you, I am here for you. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I know the terrain very well and can guide you to the places you need to release yourself from past trauma, so you spring forth and be who you truly are. A loveable, beautiful person.

The archetypes of the lover come in extremely handy, as they take us right into the core of what our ideal relationship dynamic would look like. From there, we can make the necessary adjustments, deep inside of your being, so you can align with what would be a really nurturing, inspiring and happy relationship.

As always, I am here for you and if you want to set up a complimentary heart to hear chat, please use this link here.