I am not totally sure what the mainstream idea of love relationships is or is trying to portray, but it sure doesn’t work as a model for functioning relationships. The ideas we are fed in movies and so on, is not based on what the lover archetype offers us as a map.

Archetypes are energies that are innate to all human beings, no matter what culture, era, or level of evolution they live in. As human beings we are designed to work well when the archetypal energies are well and alive in our own consciousness.

So why don’t we take a look at how loving relationships work, guided and inspired from the Archetypal realm?

When the energies of the feminine and masculine Archetype of the Lover are integrated, the masculine (or the person who holds the predominant masculine energy in the relationship) is able to trust the feminine (or the person who holds the predominant feminine energy in the relationship) and follows its lead into the experience of the felt realm. Emotions, feelings, sensations…..The feminine is a trusted guide, deeply in touch with her own emotions, who lures the masculine into the depth of his own being. The deeper he follows her, the deeper their connection will be.

There is only one problem here. Or wait, no, a lot more than one, but for the sake of this letter, let’s say it is just one. The masculine has no reason to trust the feminine. It really does not.

Do you know how hurt, resentful and angry the feminine, as a whole is towards the masculine? If not, turn on the news. The feminine has been violated and abused by the masculine for quite a while (a few thousand years straight – I think is safe to say). And that violation, that is continuing as we speak, does not make for very trustworthy women.

Women, we, underneath it all, are ANGRY. Very angry. And although we may feel we love a certain man, from the Archetypal experience, we can’t differentiate between one man, and all men; we can’t differentiate between our personal relationship with one person and the effect the collective unconscious has on us. And yes, the collective unconscious is very highly populated with very resentful and hurt women, whose experience of being deeply violated and exploited has never been validated, properly heard and healed.

So instead of a woman guiding a man safely into his own felt experience, she scares him away. Every a little request to drive slower, or to take out the garbage can turn into a poisonous complaint, which for men generally land as an emasculating experience.

Does that give you a clue as to why our relationships suck for the most part? And this is just one of the many dynamics that the Archetypal energies lay out for us. Once you understand the map, it really all becomes quite straightforward and simple. Before then, it is just one bamboozling, hopeless mess.

I have designed the Sovereignty Activator program to give easy access at a very low price point so you can start to turn these dynamics around. You do deserve love. Love is for you. And yes, you can do it!