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Move into deep alignment with your true essence and create harmony in your world and the world around you.

Manifestation Accelerator Package

Fast track your ability to create the outcomes you have been working towards with ease. Thriving is your birthright; enjoy it.

This four-month program will assist you in making the deep shifts that will change your life forever.

gold_quotesWorking with Rosine is fabulous!! The self-loathing is gone. I don’t beat myself up anymore, and that alone changes everything. I’m enjoying such a delicious taste of freedom and peace! Although I’m aware there are deeper layers that I want to resolve, I don’t struggle and immerse myself in being stuck anymore. Instead I feel worthy and capable. And yes, it has become a lot easier to generate money through creative commissions – it is such a bliss to be finally watching my dream of becoming an artist unfold.”       – Ruth Jahn

The Magic of Power of Deep Alignment


Pilar Ortiz, an international speaker, trainer, entrepreneur and author is iinterviewing Rosine about the power of deep alignment.

Soul Session

(note: single sessions are only available for new clients)

There is nothing quite like the deep satisfaction and sense of well-being that comes from being gently guided and reunited with our divine wholeness in a soul session.

The many challenges of life and of growing up have left undercurrents of hidden emotion swirling beneath our awareness that continue to create obstacles to the attainment of our desires, goals, fulfillment, and alignment.

Unwittingly in an attempt to navigate this turmoil our original perfect selves have been splintered, with only a lingering sense that “something is missing from our lives” we just don’t know what that is. It’s us. It’s the discarded pieces that are still there, buried, being harbored in shadows, crying out and waiting to be discovered again, yearning to be reunited with the whole.

Rosine uses her gifts in a soul session to quickly recognize and latch on to a current issue or challenge you may be facing and tenderly guides you deep beneath the surface to integrate the emotional root causes.

A broad range of issues are instantly resolved across your being and to your core by virtue of this significant shift. With another layer of wholeness restored, you’ll leave your session with a sense that who you are is enough, that you’ve always been enough.

A Soul-Session may or may not include a Completion Process (CP) depending on what you need or want on that particular day. Click here to find out more about the Completion Process

Get your questions answered before booking a session:

Soul Reading

(note: single sessions are only available for new clients)

In a soul identity reading you uncover your true soul’s purpose, gifts and align with your core.

When you know who you are at soul level you can live your life as an expression of your divine gifts and talents.

You learn what your core patterns are, that are holding you back and that you are here now to resolve.

Through the reading, major blocks from your conscious and subconscious will be cleared so that you can powerfully move forward realizing your goals.

Conserve your precious energy, Optimize your time, and Enhance your productivity as a result of Harmonizing with your inner-most essence and allowing the universe to work for you, rather than exhausting yourself by pushing against it.

Expand the space to experience abundance naturally, from the inside out.

Allow your life force to flow once again freely, dissolving blockages in your energy body you’re not aware of to create physical wellbeing.

You’ll Delight in the result of feeling whole again, complete, the way you were designed all along.


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Manifestation Accelerator Package is the right fit for you or not.