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Queens in a Pod

Creating new ways of relating, connecting and belonging.

Did you know that the main factor in determining whether a woman is going to thrive and succeed in life is the quality of her relationships with friends, family, and significant other?

We as women are wired to be in community and make life work from there. We need each other to rise. We need a close circle where we can show up as we are, be held, cared for, supported, mirrored, uplifted. A group of true friends who we can count on no matter what.

The Queens in a Pod program is designed to provide women with the quintessential tools and opportunity to create lasting, durable, safe and authentic relationships, where she can connect deeply and have a true sense of belonging.

This is for you:

  • …you want to express yourself more fully in all areas of your life and have success with what’s important to you – exactly how you define it.
  • …you are ready to invite more ease and support into your life and thrive.
  • …you crave belonging to a strong circle of women, a handful of people you can rely on no matter what, who have your back and lift you up while you are growing.
  • …you have had painful experiences with online groups in the past when you weren’t supported in creating nourishing and safe relationships with the other participants.
  • …you want to deepen, heal and transform the relationships you already have in your life.

Join the Queens in a Pod:

6 month commitment: $185 / month

Enrolment is open on a rolling basis.

Included with your membership:

  • A closed group with 5 other women to connect deeply and create genuine friendships that carry you
  • Trauma-informed, non-judgmental, nurturing and ongoing guidance in the group by Rosine
  • 2 group sessions per month (90 minute video calls)

Click here to join a Pod:

Being part of a Pod can support you with:

Learning and refining the skills you need to create and deepen your connection with others, whether that is at home, with friends, or at work.

New tools on how to relate to yourself and others in a fully supportive and compassionate way that allows you and others to embody their truest self

Healing relationship patterns from deep within in a safe and loving environment

Taking the relationships in your life to a new level, mainly by being in relationship with the other Queens in your pod.

As a Queen in a Pod, you will have the opportunity to experience what it means to be held in real time and you will be supported in creating genuine connection with the other women in your group – the kind of relationships where you…

  • show up fully as who you are.
  • allow others to show up fully as who they are.
  • have the space to learn to be authentically “you” without censoring yourself, hiding, or overpowering others.

This kind of commitment to yourself and the people around you is what creates success and a life you proudly call your own.

In the Pod we will collect proof of how safe it is to show up as ourselves, become free to express our truths, celebrate and support each other while we grow and create the success in our lives that we could not have managed without the nurturing of a strong, secure, circle of women.

To connect with your guide Rosine and discuss if joining the Queens in a Pod is right for you now: