I have just returned from Poland, where I lead two workshops on healing the rift between the masculine and feminine. I kind of like the word “epic”, but it still doesn’t quite capture what it was like. The transformation and the opening of what took place still has me spellbound, and I am very proud of all the participants who dove in so courageously.

We worked on integrating the divine masculine and feminine energies, following the archetypal map, which I am quite fascinated by at the moment. It goes so deep, so fast, and brings about lasting change.

Age-old cultural conditioning walls came crashing down. Shame transformed into love, habitual and self-protecting rejection turned into commitments to connection. Emotions freely expressed and felt, men being seen and gotten for the first time by women.

When I was working with one man in front of the whole group, it became evident, that this man was actually quite un-easy with so many women in the room, looking at him. I kindly asked all women to leave the room, as I assisted the men to get in touch with just how uncomfortable they truly feel in the presence of women. They are always expected to project strength and an “I-got-this” attitude, when in reality, a part of them is actually feeling sheer terror of being with women.

Women were humbled to realize that their presence can be so deeply disturbing to men. And bit by bit, the deep-seated anger towards women transformed into pure joy, as they were being respected and seen in their deep wounding they had never known about. The women were allowed back in one at a time during that one process for the guys where they needed to feel truly safe, which to them looked like having way less women in the room.

There were many women who released their shame of needing and wanting a man to love them and care for them. In their war-torn history women better had to be completely self-reliant, independent and self-sufficient in EVERY WAY. As it truly wasn’t being practical or safe having to depend on men. A very strong stigma that if you need a man for anything you are weak, and that is shameful. So, women sit there, expecting men to read their secret wishes by means of telepathy, and boil with anger for never having their needs met. So that wall came down too and the women made what felt like a very courageous commitment for them, to articulate what they wanted from their spouse or boyfriends.

These are some tidbits of what happened – it was a very engaging, rich day filled with beautiful moments of softening, letting go, connecting and renewal. Thank you to all who were there and who supported and participated with so much dedication of self and other.