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Cleared for Profit: Heal Your Trauma to Grow Your Business.

Emma Churchman and Rosine Kushnick discuss how the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are affected by trauma and Rosine helps us see how these archetypes influence our business and personal interactions.

Do you have all the love and connection that you crave?

My friend and colleague Sherri Nickols is on a mission to restore love in your life through her ground-breaking new event, “The Love Summit 2: How to Find It, Feel It, and Live It Forever.”

Deep Integration for more Peace, Joy & Success

Michelle Villalobos, a personal branding speaker, coach or consultant in Miami, interviewed Rosine on how to access our fullest potential by discovering and then reintegrating the old and wounded parts of us that are trying to keep us safe (and small.)

Pilar Ortiz, an international speaker, trainer, entrepreneur and author is interviewing Rosine about the magical power of deep alignment.

Rosine has helped many women who struggled with infertility to grow their families. This is a video interview by Aimee Raupp , women’s health & wellness expert with Rosine, with a focus on Spirit Baby Communication

Rosine has supported many artists in unlocking their creative genius. Here is an interview by Rosine of Kenny Werner, a world-class pianist about how he accesses his creative genius and how he teaches others to do the same.

Here is an interview by Rosine of Jessica Serran, a visual artist, about how she accesses her creative genius and how she teaches others to do the same.