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Kings and Queens Afoot Immersion

Creating new ways of relating, connecting and belonging; integrating the energies of the divine masculine and feminine.

This three-day immersion is for you if you are ready for:

  • profound and lasting change in how you relate to yourself and others.
  • creating a whole new level of well-being, in your relationships, your body and daily life.
  • deep emotional work to heal old wounds and patterns you might not even be aware of.
  • clarity and self-confidence about who you are and what your purpose is.
  • deep trust in life, and your inner guidance.
  • a whole new way of relating, connecting and belonging.

During the Kings and Queens Afoot Immersion we will work with the Archetypal Energies of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and their shadows.

Each of the 8 Archetypes activates aspects of the human experience that you need within yourself in order to be able to connect heartily and courageously – to yourself, your purpose, your loved ones.


Here are some of the qualities that become available through working with the Archetypes:

Express your authentic self and move into deep relationship without having to compromise or give up who you truly are.

Click into a deep sense of belonging and awareness, that you truly are not alone.

Make new empowered choices for yourself in all relationships in your life.

Commit to yourself fully, be there for yourself and start caring for YOU.

Begin to enjoy a profound sense of well-being and certainty that you are a whole, capable, beautiful being worth of the love you hope is possible for you.

Open up to your own inner magic, intuition and inner guidance and trust it.

Tap into your true purpose and move forward with clarity and resolve.

Why doing this deep work in a group setting is powerful:

We have all been fed with similar conditioning of outdated, destructive relationship patterns and beliefs about life when we were little. The symptoms in your life might vary greatly from the symptoms someone else currently experiences – yet the core wounds I see in the women and men who show up to do this work with me in online and live groups are surprisingly similar.

When one of us opens up and allows him or herself to be seen, everyone else in the group benefits of the same journey of healing, resolution, integration.

Sometimes, having a group support you and give you feedback is exactly what you need to release the old patterns and form new beliefs to be able to create lasting change in your daily life later. Some wounds are collective wounds and they cannot be healed but when a few of us come together. Despite what the small child inside you has learnt decades ago: Now you see how supported and loved you are. You feel deep connection. People get you. They see you. All of you. And it is safe for you to open up fully and be seen, too. This is what frees you from playing small, from retreating into yourself when things get difficult around you or simply never speaking up when your boundaries feel violated.

You’ll have the chance to experience right on the spot how it feels to connect deeply, while being perfectly present with your own needs and feelings – allowing for each to have their own process and journey of integration and stepping into your version of Inner King and Queen.

Click here and join us now:

Join us for the upcoming Kings and Queens Afoot Immersion:

Date: Tuesday, May 21 -Thursday, May 23, 2019

Time: 09:00AM – 4:00PM CES each day of the 3 days. Please bring your own lunch, as we will only have a 30 minute lunch break; there is an eating area at the immersion location.

Location: Warsaw, Poland

This is an intimate setting with only 10 participants that will permit for everyone to receive individualized support from the group and Rosine. You will also gain experience and training on how to continue to dive deeper into this process on your own after the immersion.

We will work each day from 10:00 am – 6 pm, and there will be additional group and partner exercises in the evening of Tuesday and Wednesday.

Participation in the transformational group sessions of The Sovereignty Activator if taken prior to the immersion is included for free. Watching the videos is a prerequisite for the immersion.

My background in trauma resolution work supports you in making deep, permanent shifts. With the power of the Archetypal Energies these shifts come unprecedentedly fast and thorough. You no longer have to choose and strive to react differently. We rewire your brain and heart and create a new normal for you. Once the wiring is changed, you really don’t have to make any effort to now think or be differently.


You become a different person. The one who you’ve always wanted to be.

After three days of deep immersion, past clients walked away …

  • … feeling deeply connected to their inner King and Queen.
  • … with the strength and courage to connect to their true desires as a feminine and masculine being.
  • … knowing it is safe to ask for what they need and fully able to do so in a way that honors them and the other person.
  • … grounded in a deep sense of peace with who they are, vibrant and alive, ready to choose their true purpose in life.
  • … having been bathed in love for maybe the first time ever, making this their new normal.
  • … equipped with the tools and practices to fully integrate this experience and the profound shifts in their everyday life once they got home.

Are you ready for your own journey of creating a whole new way of relating, connecting and belonging?

Do you still have questions?

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