Agata ‘s Story

The tools in “The Feminine Dating Revolution” has deeply transformed the way I understand and relate to men and also, how I related to myself.

My self-esteem and sense of worthiness has skyrocketed as I am now truly understanding and cherishing the feminine energy within myself. I am now taking exquisitely good care of myself.

As a result, a totally new kind of man showed up in my life; the kind of man who has a healthy self respect, and who lives a deeply fulfilling and successful life. The kind of man who loves and cherishs me just the way I am.

Marta’s Story

No Conflict, No Sacrificing, Just An Enormous Space Of Love

When I started working with Rosine I was purely interested in my work as a theatre director, a passion that has driving me for a long time. What I wanted from our work together was to fully step into my artist self.

I hardly gave any thought to relationships; it was a terrain that scared me some, as it usually lead to me getting lost in a disempowered, dark place, which of course I didn’t like and I was determined not to go back there. What I did want was to finally actualize my full potential as an artist.

As Rosine inquired more about what I really wanted, I mention my faint wish, to maybe one day be in a relationship. And I distinctly remember feeling shame about this wish. In particular when I added the image of having children to it.

I organized a workshop for Rosine to lead in Warsaw, Poland, which was all about creating deeper connection with one’s self and others. And low and behold, some very deep patterns of mine shifted, and I haven’t ever been the same since. For starters, I owned my deep desire of wanting to be with a man in that workshop, and allowed myself to feel and express the shame I had around it. Also in that workshop, I met a man.

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And thus, the most amazing, heart opening love story of my life started to unfold. In my continuous work with Rosine, I dropped my fear of losing my artistic career and myself. I started to consider the possibility of being fully in a relationship while also being fully present in my professional arena. I was able to drop old patterns, and became able to be vulnerable, I started to trust in a way I had never done before, and discovered, that I can be both faithful to what I truly need and want, as well as to my partner.

I got in touch with a very powerful feminine energy within me that was new. And I started to blossom, and so did the relationship. I allowed this man to support me – a concept that had been abolished by countless female generations before me. It simply had not been safe or prudent to allow oneself to be dependant on a man.

What happened astounded me. The more I dropped into my feminine energy, the deeper the relationship became. It all unfolded really fast, and within weeks after the workshop I found myself in a totally different relationship-terrain. A terrain full of love trust, beauty, connection. Something, that truly had not be possible for me prior to the workshop, and sadly, not for any of my female ancestors. It felt like we were rewriting history, at a cellular level.

My man, Krzysztof, also worked with Rosine, and together, we dove deeper and deeper into the world, that Rosine’s work makes available. We are still amazed at how fast things evolved, and how totally different they are from any other relationship either one of us ever had.

One of the things that amazes me the most, is how deeply we are connected, and how free we each are to be ourselves, and to do what is our own calling. There is no conflict, no sacrificing, just an enormous space of love between us that allows both of us to thrive.

This all has lead to the most beautiful and amazing experience I have ever had in my life.

We also did some work with Rosine around the desire to start a family, and before you knew it, we were pregnant. Just as Rosine helped me dive into a new world of relationship, she also assisted me in opening up a new way of how I can be a mother. I feel deeply supported, nourished and safe. An experience not every new mother can claim for herself and I count myself as very lucky.

What is the most amazing part about it all, is that not only did I find and connect with my true love and got pregnant I am also excelling in my role as a director. In fact, the new ways of being in relationship and in being a mother is adding so much more depth and meaning to my professional work, that I enjoy tremendously!

– Marta Malinowska, Theater Director, Warsaw, Poland

Cecilia’s Story

It Was All Her Fault

Cecilia came to me at the end of a relationship, completely heartbroken and confused.

She had been investing her heart and soul into a relationship for 8 years that held the promise of marriage. Cecilia’s plans were to get married and to build the wonderful and adventure filled life she always wanted to share with a partner.

Over time, he had pushed her away, further and further out of the intimate circle of their heart connection. He used a very nifty way of blaming her for all that was wrong. It was her fault that there was no intimacy. It was her fault that there was no trust and harmony. It was her fault that he had grown tired of her.

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So he went on, and she bought into it.

Without realizing it, Cecilia had internalized being the scapegoat since forever. When her boyfriend employed making her the culprit for everything that did not go well in the relationship, she didn’t realize that that was not only an unfair game, but an un-resolvable situation. He needed both to keep her, and also, not to have her close. He kept her on an emotional leash, at arms length that left her starving for love and affection. She was locked in a lose-lose situation, and spinning her wheels to make it better, wondering why it didn’t work.

The harder she “worked” on herself, taking responsibility for what was not going well, the further they drifted apart.

She did not understand what happened, and why it happened, and was pondering how she could have done things differently. She had bought into the fallacy that it was all her fault.

In our work together Cecilia;

  • was able to heal the heart-ache and despair that made day to day life and running a business very challenging.
  • gained perspective of how this relationship with her boyfriend was a reflection of a very deep wound that her mother inflicted on her at a very young age. Cecilia knew that her mother was behaving in ways that some would call narcissistic; a wound that she had been aware of, and had worked on in therapy for years, but was never able to resolve. Now she could resolve it for herself.
  • regained her confidence, not only resurrected her business but took it to a whole new level, set boundaries that nurtured and supported her, and cultivated friendships that she enjoyed.
  • was able to snap out of the illusion that she had to work hard for love, but rather, that she is love and deserves to be loved by virtue of being a human being. Easily said, not so easily done.
  • was able to put the pain producing patterns of pulling, pushing, manipulating, abandoning, shaming, rejecting, blaming and overtaking into the past.
  • was able to heal very deep wounds, that she was not conscious of, such that she can now attract someone who wants the same as her. Connect. Support. Uplift. Enjoy.

Now Cecilia is open and ready for a relationship with someone who can see her and love her for who she is, and she can do the same for him. She is taking excellent care of her self, nurturing her friendships, nurturing her physical and emotional strength. She is also dating, at a very gentle pace, taking her time, listening closely into herself and her suitors. This time, making room only for what truly honors her and nurtures her.

name changed in respect of my client’s privacy

Nora’s Story

She Felt Hopeless, And Was Defeated

Nora came to me, because her marriage was very painful for her, and yet, she really wanted to make it work.

She did not know how to twist or turn to make herself feel good. She blamed herself, she blamed her husband, and all in all, it was not heading in a good direction. Day to day life was informed by keeping up a façade, and it was all very tiring. There seemed to be no wiggle room at all that would allow for change. Nora felt hopeless, defeated, and also like she was failing not only her husband, but also her son.

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We dove deep into our work together and soon enough she came to see that she was raised believing, that having any emotional needs was bad and when she dug deeper, she saw that she felt shame about having emotions at all. She also uncovered, that the way she was raised, taught her that men can have their way with her, sexually and in any other way, as her mother did not protect her from her father’s intrusions.

Nora identified with having to be nice, not having any needs, accommodating everyone else’s needs, and feeling afraid of men. Naturally, that is a ticket for a disastrous marriage, no matter who the partner is.

What Nora accomplished in our work together was:

  • reconnect with her needs.
  • resolve the shame around having needs and emotions.
  • resolve her fear of men.
  • acquiring the ability to have boundaries that make her feel safe, connected and nurtured.
  • Learn how to share herself with her husband and communicate with him so she could create an atmosphere of understanding between her and her husband.

The marriage started to change, or shall we say, her husband started to change. Strangely. Her husband started to notice her vulnerabilities and tended to her with more care, and love, and also started to feel safer, to share his emotions and needs. They grew closer and are now on a trajectory of building true in-to-me-see, also known as intimacy.

name changed in respect of my client’s privacy

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As a brand new entrepreneur I felt both excited and lost. I had questions like, ‘What do I focus on? What niche should I settle on? How do I focus my energy and my time for success?’ My Soul Identify Reading and Soul Based Business Alignment Reading with Rosine gently and lovingly answered all of those questions for me. Today I am laser focused and understand who I am and who I need to serve.

I am so very grateful that Rosine is now in my life! In fact, she showed up at that critical moment when I needed her.

I can’t wait for my next reading!”

– Monique Catoggio, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Coach and CEO of her own business, Illumined Life Leadership


I didn’t know what to expect from my soul reading with Rosine and I was thrilled with the session. Rosine helped me understand beliefs that were holding me back. She also gave me insights into how occurrences in my past lives were affecting my current life. Before this session I’m not sure I believed in past lives, but the stories she told me totally made sense for key things that happened in my current life (things Rosine had no knowledge of!) All of this helped me understand my strengths, let go of beliefs that weren’t serving me and step into the flow. I have felt lighter and stronger and in flow ever since. I highly recommend a reading with Rosine.”

– LeeAnn Marie Webster, Creator of Totally Telesummits, Chicago, IL


After hearing feedback from women I respected and trusted, I decided to set up an appointment with Rosine for my own personal Soul Reading. I honestly was a little skeptical but was moved to have this reading because of the overwhelming positive response from others. I have to admit, as Rosine worked with me on the reading, I sat in my office dumbfounded. Her intuitive and gifted approach was unbelievable. She shared things with me that only I would know. She has a gift which has helped open new doors in my life. I feel as though more things are starting to fall in place as I become more aligned with my soul and allow myself to live in my purpose. I have recommended Rosine to several of my friends who have had similar results. She is simply amazing.”

– Gila Kurtz, co-owner and founder of “Dog is Good”, Los Alamitos, CA


Rosine is a dear friend, and a Wellness Warrior I have the utmost respect for. She has an ability to leave you feeling loved, and heard from a deeply rooted heart-centered place. I have received many an intuitive gift from her, and it excites me to imagine her future impact on our world. The Soul Record reading was a first for me. Much of the information she shared with me gave me powerful insight regarding recurring nightmares, and left me with a deeper appreciation for some of the trials I have endured, and gifts I have been given. It was exciting to receive confirmation on avenues I have always felt drawn to explore and develop. May God continue to inspire and lead you dear one.”

– Whanadi Sobrevilla, Wellness Warrior, founder of Affinity For Wellness, Miami FL


As a result of doing the Soul Reading with Rosine I feel great confidence. I now know that I am aligned with my soul’s blueprint, and I no longer hold back – I am letting my light shine fully. This has brought about a tremendous shift in my business and finances, and most of all, I enjoy feeling deeply fulfilled and fueled by my destiny.

Rosine has a unique gift to help you align with your divine gifts at soul level, so that you can live your purpose fully.

She is able to see what your soul is made of and what blocks are holding you back from shining your light fully and live your highest potential.”

– Nancy Allen, Director Women’s Business Development Council of Florida

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I always knew deep down inside that there was something special about who I am and what I wanted to offer the universe. A gift that I had not unleashed because I believed that I was not worthy of sharing. It was when I had my soul reading with Rosine that everything was confirmed. It was then that I opened my heart and soul to those exact words that she spoke and set me free. I no longer question my intentions or reasons for seeing my surroundings as they are.

Rosine has an amazing gift and relationship with your soul that I cannot explain. What I can say is that she is on spot and when she speaks you are set free. I highly, highly recommend that everyone does their soul reading with her.”

– Elizabeth Colon, CEO of Metaphrasis, Chicago, IL


Having my soul records read by Rosine Kushnick allowed me to show up for my life with a deeper level of understanding of who I am. It made it easy to make decisions about existing relationships and brought me a lot of closure with issues I had struggled with but couldn’t name why or how. After working with her, I feel free, happy and ready to truly create love in my life the way that I want it. It allowed me to shed a ton of guilt and shame I’d been carrying through lifetimes and gave me so much clarity of what I’m meant to do in this lifetime and how to do it. It was a magical experience. Rosine is one of the most talented intuitives I’ve ever met. Can’t wait to do more readings with her in the future.”

– Jen Vera, Business and Brand consultant and coach, Miami, FL


Since I had my Soul and Business Alignment Readings with Rosine, I no longer fight or doubt what works for me. Now I acknowledge when something doesn’t feel quite right and accept that is just not who I am. After my soul reading I was able to relax and know that what felt right, felt right for a reason and that I no longer had to beat myself up because I wasn’t doing it how this book said it, or how this successful person does it etc. I followed my manifestation blueprint that Rosine shared with me and I am in total harmony with my soul. In my first year of being in business on my own as a real estate broker, I am on track for meeting my the six figure income in the first year of being in business.”

– Jessica Alvarez, Real Estate Associate, Miami Florida


So many layers have dropped away since working with Rosine! At first I felt shy to share the emotional nuances of my day but now I realize that every one of them that Rosine works on and clears is moving me closer and closer to my authentic self. My husband said today that I have looked younger and younger in the past several weeks. I feel less burdened and less bothered by things for sure! And I have a different perspective, as if the traumas of my life have been cleared. I am ready to live my life from my true self! I’m so grateful for Rosine’s gifts and her heart working with people to find their authentic selves filled with creativity and abundance!! Rosine has a tremendous gift and unequaled generosity in her soul! Thank you Rosine!!”

– Becky Holt, Teacher, Nyack, NY

Rosine shared with me fascinating information about who I am at soul level, and we also went over a few past lives. Throughout the reading I experienced enormous joy, and a deep release of very old stuff.

Rosine helped me appreciate my gifts and talents in a very genuine and deep way, which gave me clarity and courage on how to move forward.

She also was able to shed light on events that took place in past lives and helped me understand how they affected me in negative ways up until now. With Rosine’s support, I was able to release the hold these patterns had on me – something I have worked toward for a really long time and have not been able to do. It was a very powerful and deep healing experience. I have done a lot of work on myself about my relationship with my mother, but could not really break free from a deep and disempowering dynamic that has governed our relationship all my life. In just one reading, that dynamic totally lost it’s grip on me.

Within a day of the reading, I let go of lots of old burdens, and got in touch with a whole new way of living life, that I always thought would come much later. But I realized, the time is now. I now see very clearly what I want to do; pursue my deep love for my artistic expression. I feel totally free to move forward as an artist and allow the way I offer my healing work to totally transform.

Rosine was very open, joyful, loving and very respectful, which made me feel very safe.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I really appreciate Rosine’s loving and deeply touching reading of my life; it was very helpful. I highly recommend Rosine’s Soul readings if you want to see your vision of your life. Rosine provides a very safe and professional space. Thank you, Rosine. You saved my life.”

– YI, female, professional healer, 50, Japan

In the soul based business alignment reading, Rosine helped me understand that the new business I was about to embark on, was not going to be profitable or bring me much joy. And although this is not what I wanted to hear in that moment, I stayed open to hearing what Rosine had to say on how I could re-shape the business I had been in, and grown wiry of.  And now, I am thriving, money is flowing with abundance and I am feeling great ease and joy.

With tears of joy, I want to share how profoundly the Soul Identity reading with Rosine impacted my life and that of my family. Rosine’s reading gave me the confidence to follow the voice I heard in my heart but didn’t quite trust yet; without the reading I might have chosen to base a major life choice on doubt. And because of Rosine’s love and support, I chose what my heart was telling me, and I am so immensely grateful I did.

But most importantly, Rosine healed my soul and helped me make sense of so many of my behaviors and fears; Rosine showed me the way on how to turn it all into love; I chose self-love, and then grew into realizing, I am love. And that realization is the fuel for my life and my professional service.

– Mrs. Herrera, Real Estate Agent, Maiami Florida

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