Integration – Immersions

Design your own Integration Immersion

~ tailored so it meets exactly what you need, in this moment in time.

Immersions with Rosine are a tremendously powerful experience – you wont leave the same. Your life wont be the same when you leave. Deep, permanent change will take place, in an easeful, loving way. If you are looking for deep change, this is for you.

  • Do you want a 1-Day, a 2-Day or a 3-Day immersion?
  • Do you want to do it by yourself, with your spouse, your partner or a friend?

In what area(s) of your life do you need a profound shift? Maybe a relationship is breaking or has been breaking appart, maybe your relationships are running dry? Maybe you feel lost, or in pain, yet knowing there is so much more to life? Maybe you long to tap back into what life feels like when you are in the magical flow state?

  •   Repair broken relationships.
  •   Connecting deeply with the people in your life.
  •   Being attuned deeply to your needs and feelings, and those of the people in your life.
  •   Accessing the ability to get stuff done, be strong and make it happen.
  •   Accessing the ability to connect deeply, be soft, receptive and feel into the mystery of life.
  •   Learn about how the divine masculine and feminine energies manifest in you and integrate them, such that they become a  natural  expression of who you are.
  •   Reconfigure your energy so you become a match to attracting and creating relationships that are deeply nurturing and fullfilling.
  •   Come to know tha your needs deserve to be met, and your feelings matter.
  •   Become attuned to your own needs and feelings, and those of others.
  •   Enjoy creating and maintaining boundaries that are life-giving.
  •   Break out of co-dependant relationship patterns.
  •   Embrace all of your emotions and communicate your feelings and needs in an appropriate, life-giving way.

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Going Deep

In the video below, Ruth, an artist from Austria, shares about the profound life transforming shifts she gained from working with Rosine.