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Creating new ways of Relating, Connecting and Belonging

Integration of the Archetypal Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

What do Immersions look like:

  • Immersions with Rosine are a life-changing experience, generating profound and lasting change, in an easeful, loving way.
  • You can do an immersion by yourself, with your partner or a friend, or an entire group.
  • Immersions are either a one-, two-, or three-day experience.

Immersions are for people who want to:

  • Repair a broken relationship.
  • Attract the perfect mate.
  • Attune deeply to your needs and feelings, and those of the people in your life, and meet them.
  • Transform relationship dynamics that cause hurt, disconnect and loneliness into nurturing, deeply connective and fulfilling ones.
  • Feel deep belonging, and create meaningful connections with everyone in your life.
  • Drop the deep, constant anxiety and fatigue; regenerate and relax the nervous system.
  • Enjoy life giving boundaries, that are easeful to create and maintain.
  • Transform deep seated and suppressed anger into clarity and direction. Become unstoppable.
  • Access the deep inner knowing, intuition and wisdom that allows you to navigate life with elegance and confidence.
  • Reclaim feelings of disempowerment and patterns of causing disempowering.

To find out whether an immersion is the right support for you or not, or to find out more about them:

This is what it could look like once YOUR lover archetype is integrated

Bridging the big Rift – healing age-old Wounds

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