Are you hungry for a different degree of emotional connection in your life?

I hear you! I think all of us are.

And you know it really is not far out of your reach. My clients are all making profound shifts in this arena, shifts that are permanent. And you deserve that too!

I have figured out a way to get there, without fail. I make my work available in many different ways, so you can participate no matter where you live, or what your budget is.

Here are two opportunities coming up:

On Saturday, March 23, I will be speaking at the NEWLIFE expo about this very topic – I’d love to see you there. I will be speaking at 6:00 p.m. in the Gramercy room, at the Hotel New Yorker, 481 8th Avenue bet W34th and W35th street, Gramercy Park Room, on the 3rd floor.

On Sunday, April 7, please do join us for a one-day Kinship immersion, a day of deep emotional healing, focused on making the timeless gifts of the Lover Archetype available to you so you can deeply change the way you operate within intimate relationships. As a result, you can experience deeper levels of fulfillment, connection and belonging.

This will take place in Nyack, NY, from 10:00 am – 5:30 pm. To find out more or to register, please click here.There will be a cap of 6 participants max.

To everyone feeling deep belonging, love and connection.