Sometimes I think it is easier to pretend I don’t care, then to feel and see the pain of the whole world.

And following these kinds of thoughts always is: well, what can I do? What can I really do that will make a difference?

I work with people who are all making a difference, and who are eager to make a difference. They may not always feel like they are making a difference, but they are driven by a need and deep desire to make a difference.

I think all human beings are endowed with that need. We all genuinely care about each other, and in the deepest depth of our soul we know, we are intrinsically connected. Hence, not caring about others means we no longer care about ourselves. But enough of that, I know that you care. You may just be wondering sometimes about how much of a difference can and will you truly make.

I am sure you have heard about the butterfly effect (if not, you can read more about it here in wikipedia. That means all our thoughts, emotions, actions have an affect on the whole.

Isn’t that mind boggling? I also feel that the whole is affecting us as individuals, all day and all night. We can’t extrapolate ourselves from the collective, no mater how hard we try. We are all connected and hence affected by each other’s choices and actions.

So how can you optimize this phenomenon, and affect the whole? Acknowledging that you are in fact affecting the whole and that you are in fact intrinsically connected with everyone? And then choose to maybe take one action, feel one feeling, have one thought that you intentionally offer to the whole? And then the fun part starts, where you get to wonder, how this action/thought/feeling might travel around the world and cause other great things to happen, as is described in the butterfly effect?

I will be on the look out! And thank you for releasing a butterfly or two.