Most women want a man who is caring and attuned to her feelings. Someone who relates to her deeply and validates her feelings and meets her with empathy.

Would you agree?

What I am learning from my male clients, is that they don’t really feel all that safe around women, especially the sensitive men. And it seems, that women aren’t really aware of that so much.

How would they be? Men live in a reality where admitting they are scared is something rather shameful and so they often are not in touch with how uncomfortable they really are around women. So they wear a mask. Yet, behind the mask, they retreat, and pull their energy away from the woman they love, because trust me, they are scared to death of us women. No one is emotionally as capable as women to hit a man real hard, where it hurts the most. And no, I don’t mean his nuts.

So logically, women don’t actually know how to put the kind of man they most long for (the sensitive type) as ease. And they wonder, why they all seem to be so emotionally unavailable and incapable of connecting. (Notice the judgment in these assumptions?).

Humanity as a whole is slowly emerging from a rather long era of male dominance, that hasn’t panned out very well, for most of us (including men). I very much like the description of the masculine energy that has been at war, destroying, dominating, supressing and abusing, as the immature masculine.

Being an empowered man, standing in the empowered masculine energy in this day and age is not easy. Nor are there hardly any role models for a man to look up to. Do you know any?

What does this have to do with women empowering men?

Well, women, in general, are so fed up with what men have done to women, that they have an undercurrent of anger that is so big, it could fill all the oceans on this planet combined. And maybe more. And rightfully so.

Yes, that gets massively in the way, when women want to create a loving relationship with the sensitive type. Their anger comes out, in little side remarks, in a tone, in a dismissive look. Women have no idea what is going on, and wonder why this guy too seems to be incapable of staying in touch with emotional vulnerability. Like maybe on the first and second date.

In order for this to turn around, women have to become aware of the shadow aspects of the Amazon Archetype (NOT the online bookstore, but rather the feminine warrior).

The Amazon Archetype’s role is to protect us from harm. Do you think she has been a little bit in overdrive as a result of the last few thousand years of trying to survive and/or fight back the insanity of the male dominance and abuse? Yes. Just a wee bit. And so women as a whole are totally stuck in the shadow aspect of the Amazon, which basically means they are unconsciously needing to take down men as soon as they see or sense one. It was a survival necessity. Now, it creates one disaster of a relationship after another.

None of that happens under the watch of our conscious awareness. NONE. It all runs unconsciously and will keep running there until you decide to become aware. I recommend you don’t do this alone at home. But if you do, and you are successful, please do let me know.

If you feel like you might need support braving this terrain, please check out my website and see in which way you would like to work with me (there are quite a few options).

I hope you choose connection for your motto of 2019! We all could do with a more unified human race.