I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I am having and how powerful this work is of integrating the divine masculine and feminine energies. It changes everything; self confidence, relationship patterns, stress levels, you name it.

The archetypal energies are not something we are strangers too. C. G. Jung discovered the Archetypes, and noticed, that throughout time and cultures and religions, human beings are deep within informed by shared energies, that are part of the collective unconscious, called Archetypes.

We all are intrinsically connected with them, as they are part of the collective, human experience. And it is no wonder that when we are not aligned with them, we feel malaise, in at least one if not more areas of our lives. Brining ourselves into alignment with those energies creates a natural sense of wellbeing.

As I said, the archetypal energies are part of the human experience. We can’t live separate from them. We may not be aware of them, we may be not aligned with them but nevertheless they are always there, and they inform us and they shape us a great deal.

So, imagine that there are these powerful energies inside of us that we are not aware of. Does this mean we might not be tapping into free energy? That is what it means to me. There is that already beautiful, perfect, shaped and created energy outline for us and we simply have to become aware of it and tap into it.

Now, the strange thing about the archetypal energies is that even though they are part of the human experience and they are always there, it doesn’t mean they are available to us. They actually only become available to us as human beings when we grow up without experiencing any trauma of any kind, that leave emotional wounds. So basically, none of us.

In other words, none of us as we grow up are actually aligning with and are able to integrate these archetypal energies in their fullness. As a result of that these energies are kind of distorted, thwarted or compromised. The way I visually see it is that if a human child was raised in a perfect way, then these archetypal energies would move through this human child in a perfect upward movement, informing and shaping this human being’s personality and identity in the world, as it grows into an adult. When there is any moment of trauma that occurs, then these energies rather than moving upward in an easeful, unobstructed way, they kind of go sideways or become very weak, or seem to disappear. Basically, there is an array of different ways that these energies do not end up aligning with the actual personality that is developing. That is how we end up not having access to the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies.

The good news is that we can absolutely reverse this. We can repair this misalignment. It is absolutely possible, quite simple and easy. The energy we derive from doing so, the clarity we can gain, the self confidence, the drive to move forward, the sense of wellbeing, (the list goes on) is considerable. I see the change in my clients right on the spot, as their faces literally change.

The effort you have to make is simply that of being willing to go deep, be willing to allow yourself to reconnect with emotional territories that you may have written off. A deep commitment and willingness is all you need – the process itself is rather simple, given the complexity of the subject matter.

I do this all the time in either group settings (immersions) or in couple immersions or in private immersions. And I am here to support you with this.