As promised here is more on the archetypal energies and what can happen as a result of integrating them. Recently I worked with a woman who is very much in tune with her intuition and her inner world and her ability to use that to be of service to other people. There is actually an archetypal energy that is holding that for us. We all have a shared archetypal energy that is either referred to as the wise woman in women or the magician in men. What I’m observing is that as women we often have made a very deep unconscious choice to be disconnected from our own intuition, our own inner knowing, our own wisdom, our own innate ability to bring other people into wholeness because these very gifts have been a part of separating us for so many centuries. What I mean with that is that we all are familiar with the history of when a woman was in her power, in her intuitive power, other people could feel intimidated by that or they can feel uneasy about that. Many of them were called witches and died horrible deaths.

As women we know exactly when other people are uncomfortable with us and we don’t like that. We don’t like to feel slightly pushed away or rejected. We don’t like that. As human beings and maybe more so as women, we really need and love to feel connected with others. We are biologically wired to be in connection. If we have an innate ability or way about ourselves that can create any form of distance with someone else, we sometimes deny that very ability or that gift out of fear to be pushed away. We deny it, or we suppress it or we disown it or we just try to keep it really quiet.

What I have noticed is that women have gone a very, very far way. They have taken very radical measures at a very unconscious level of their being of simply denying that part of themselves for the sake of staying in relationships with people (not romantic relationships per se, just general). I know that in the past (when witches were burnt), or in other cultures, this may have been, or is, a very necessary choice; however, in the present age, I realized that we now as women have an opportunity to reengineer how this very gift of deep connectiveness, of deep intuition, of healing, of inner guidance, can be in service of creating deeper and more meaningful connection with others. In other words, what used to be a gift that might have caused inadvertent distance and alienation from others, we can now resurrect and use it as a means to create deeper and more meaningful connection. The only trick is we can only do that and work with it in this way when we are aware of it. When we are not aware of it like with anything else in life, we have no handle on it, let alone any power to change it.

That is another very eye-opening and empowering gift that working with your archetypal energies can bring to us and I also want to mention here that this is about a woman client I worked with but similar dynamic of course also is present with men. It looks different, if feels different, it works different, but the underlying energy and dynamic is very related.

One way, women have successfully disconnected from this power, is by getting sick. Chronically tired, disempowered, lost in some ways, and often just simply having some chronic mystery illness that slows them down to living life in slow motion. More about that another day – integrating this archetypal energy can be a powerful turning point when dealing with chronic illness.

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