Soul Stories: Ruth's 'golden glowing wonderfulness' "I have always had dreams and plans dear to my heart, but for years I felt stuck and in a constant battle with procrastination, with myself and the world. Always trying and never getting very far. I was often...

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The Art of Being a Vibrational Match

Have you been wanting to create certain outcomes in your life, and it just hasn’t happened for you yet? Maybe starting or growing a family, a prosperous business or a committed and supportive relationship; a deeply connected, purpose driven and meaningful life? Then...

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Thank You!

Thank you for letting me touch your life, and thank you for touching mine. I am so grateful for being able to serve my clients, doing what I love to do. Touching and transforming lives, creating a safe arena to express and experience what makes life such a rich and...

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Warts and all

The Western cultures are very much geared toward looking good, having it all, accomplishing everything, and amassing wealth and material possessions that indicate, “I’m doing well!” There is nothing wrong with owning material possessions. Challenges arise when we...

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Grace and Ease

You may have already experienced this to a certain degree. Whenever we experience ease and grace in our life, it is because we are in alignment. When things become blocked, stagnant and difficult, we are not in alignment. The days of just “doing something” are gone....

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In the soul based business alignment reading, Rosine helped me understand that the new business I was about to embark on, was not going to be profitable or bring me much joy. And although this is not what I wanted to hear in that moment, I stayed open to hearing what Rosine had to say on how I could re-shape the business I had been in, and grown wiry of.  And now, I am thriving, money is flowing with abundance and I am feeling great ease and joy.

With tears of joy, I want to share how profoundly the Soul Identity reading with Rosine impacted my life and that of my family. Rosine’s reading gave me the confidence to follow the voice I heard in my heart but didn’t quite trust yet; without the reading I might have chosen to base a major life choice on doubt. And because of Rosine’s love and support, I chose what my heart was telling me, and I am so immensely grateful I did.

But most importantly, Rosine healed my soul and helped me make sense of so many of my behaviors and fears; Rosine showed me the way on how to turn it all into love; I chose self-love, and then grew into realizing, I am love. And that realization is the fuel for my life and my professional service.

– Mrs. Herrera