Are you number one in your partner’s life? Or are you number two, three or four? Is work, kids, hobbies, other obligations, maybe even a lover above you on his or her list of priorities? Or are you the one putting your partner on second, third or even further down on the priority list?


We are somehow taught, that it is always either or. Which is a lie we had been fed, and we have bought into. It is not the truth. We can make our relationships about “ME and YOU”, where both people’s needs, truths, feelings, aspirations etc. are equally important. It no longer needs to be exclusive, but utterly inclusive.


It requires a willingness to make both people #1 in both partners’ lives. No compromise, no sacrifice, just inclusion. How is that possible?


Are you aware of the constant erosion of the sense of belonging and safety in your relationship as a result of not being number one along with your partner or by making your partner less important than yourself? How much is it undermining the quality of your relationship? This kind of constant chipping away at your closeness is something you cannot patch up with excellent communication skills or smother out with Christmas gifts.


I am starting up the Kings and Queens in Love program (for existing couples who want to learn and grow together) and the Kings and Queens getting ready for Love program (for singles who are looking for their King or Queen, and or people who are in relationship with someone who is not interested in growing in this particular kind of way).


We are starting in the first week of January – diving deep for six entire months, uncovering deep trauma that has caused unconscious relationship patterns (that I promise you, you had NO idea you were run by), and engaging in six life transforming modules where you learn and practice how to move out of detrimental dynamics into healing ones, so you can choose and create a relationship you love, and where you are loved, where you feel secure and you belong deeply.