Everytime I give a presentation about my work, I am asked whether there is a book about this topic. And since there is no such book, I am writing it now.

In preparation for the book launch in July, I am piloting one of my new programs. I just got back from Poland, where I lead a 3 day workshop where everyone re-wired their relationship-dynamic patterns, such that fullfilling and uplifting connection with self and others becomes the new normal.

That is why I am inviting two women, who are looking for their true love, to enroll into a 90 day program, at a 50% discount.

Does this apply to you:

  • Are you tired of waiting, hoping and wondering, whether he, your true love, will ever show up? Has he forgotten? Did he get lost on the way somewhere?
  • Have you run out of steam and are ready to throw in the towel?
  • Are you considering the option of talking yourself into prefering loneliness over the predictable heartaches?
  • Or has your last relationship left such a bitter or painful aftertaste that you have yet to figure out how to cleanse your palate?
  • Or might your confidence in your lovability have taken such a beating that you are not even sure that there is someone out there?
  • Or is that last guy, that you know for sure is not it, still holding you hostage by feeding you sweet little nothings, milking your hope?

These are the benefits of the program

  • Start attracting your true love now.
  • Get a reality check – your lovability is not what is off.
  • Cleanse your palate from the last relationship calamity.
  • Bid the lonely Netflix-weekends farewell; it truly is not the alternative.
  • Take the mystery out of why it has not worked thus far, there is a science to this madness.
  • Find out why withdrawal is not going to work for you.
  • Discover the real reason why he has not yet shown up (it’s not what you think).

If this is you, then schedule a conversation to see whether this is the right way for you to go. There are a few openings in my calendar on Thursday, May 30 and Monday, June 3. Click here to schedule a time

Enrollment closes on Monday, June 3.

Can’t wait to assist you in finding your true love!